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across - 65 results
Other synonyms:

fine, broad, in a crossing position, in front of, hairline, to the opposite side of, forward, contrariwise, around, from one side to another, from all sides, on the other side, bound for something, whole, crosstown, paper-thin, from side to side of, crossways, intersectant, advancing, beyond, altogether, through, by, wholesale, oncoming, overall, all-or-nothing, crossed, cross-town, complete, into, the sum total, decussate, after, fat, directly opposite, all, up, all-inclusive, over, along, over against, before, intersecting, ahead, apart, narrow, direct, athwart, transversely, filmy, crosswise, about, everything, attenuated, elongated.

Examples of usage:

How am I to get the gun across? - "Two Little Confederates", Thomas Nelson Page.

Miss Todd's path in life had brought her across more than one or two such. - "The Bertrams", Anthony Trollope.

And he had called to her again across the road to wait for him. - "The Romantic", May Sinclair.

Similar words:

run across, put across, pass across, cut across, come across, go across, put one across, Ranunculus Acris, Pimenta Acris, Genus Acris.

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