Synonyms for Robust:


able-bodied (adjective)
firm, healthy.
athletic (adjective)
energetic, strong.
brawny (adjective)
stalwart, beefy, burly.
concentrated (adjective)
firm (adjective)
fit (adjective)
healthy (adjective)
hardy, hale, fit, vigorous, healthy, lively, hearty, salubrious, energetic, sound, wholesome, full-bodied, vital, spry, chipper.
healthy, strong (adjective)
hale, potent, vigorous, sinewy, full-bodied, sturdy, powerful, vital, strapping, stout, tough, hardy, brawny, able-bodied, hearty, rugged, sound, athletic, lusty, muscular, husky, fit.
powerful (adjective)
strong (adjective)
powerful, muscular, virile, vital, stable, potent, sinewy, stout, formidable, mettlesome, firm, strong, husky, brawny, vigorous, heavy-duty, energetic, tough, sturdy, mighty.
vigorous (adjective)
well (adjective)
solid as a rock.


fine, normal. bittersweet, acid, fiery, astringent, bitter, able-bodied, red-blooded, chocolate, flavored, chocolatey, acidic, lusty, brackish. dedicated, purposeful, driven, motivated, determined, sedulous, insistent, competitive, ambitious, athletic, persistent. heavy-duty, solid as a rock, durable, irresistible, stubborn. functional, effective, efficient, worthwhile, valuable, operative, helpful, useful, high-powered, practical. robust (noun)
burly, broad-shouldered, Cast iron, square-built, full-bodied, vigorous, big-shouldered, big-boned, square-shouldered, stout, rich, buirdly, hardy, stalwart, big-chested, chesty, husky, iron, unrefined, sturdy, heavy-armed, beefy, rugged, tasteful, strapping.

Other synonyms:

normal, fine, irresistible. heavy-duty, able-bodied, durable. stubborn. cast-iron
Cast iron.
Other relevant words:
burly, iron, buirdly, ambitious, red-blooded, acid, tasteful, competitive, strapping, rich, operative, broad-shouldered, big-chested, chesty, lusty, fine, helpful, stubborn, normal, hearty, sound, bittersweet, acidic, purposeful, durable, worthwhile, motivated, flavored, heavy-duty, heavy-armed, bitter, fiery, brackish, unrefined, irresistible, useful, dedicated, driven, rugged, chocolate, persistent, athletic, high-powered, beefy, big-shouldered, stalwart, functional, astringent, able-bodied, chocolatey, effective, practical, valuable, square-built, determined, big-boned, efficient, insistent, sedulous, square-shouldered.

Usage examples for robust

  1. But after a few seconds, the lady at the robust creature's right rose and walked into another salon; in a short time, the lady at her left likewise rose and vanished, and the fair Herminie was left alone on the divan. – San-Cravate; or, The Messengers; Little Streams by Charles Paul de Kock
  2. Plants are not equally robust Lady Valleys. – The Patrician by John Galsworthy
  3. He was well made, and more robust than usual with his countrymen. – History-of-the-Conquest-of-Peru-with-a-preliminary-view-of-the-civilization-of-the-Incas by Prescott, William Hickling