Synonyms for Plate:


service, paint, skin, layer, blanket, silverware, membrane, surface, cover. lamina, addendum, afterword, back, plane, binding, slice, appendix, artwork, body, acknowledgments, book, stratum, blurb. cassock, dog collar, etching, crucifix, biretta, chalice, mezzotint, altar, photograph, illustration, collar, cut, engraving, picture, cross, Easter Egg. dish, sustenance, casserole, china, foodstuff, food, cooking, nutrition, platter, Groceries, nourishment, fare. bullion, course, beat, helping, crucible, anvil, serving, burnish, ct, chase, meal, bar, blacksmith. camcorder, cartridge, boom, Asa, digicam, developer, camera, celluloid, aperture, darkroom. dander, coat, down, brush, armour, dewlap, camouflage, exoskeleton, beard. defibrillator, drip, catheter, electrocardiogram, electrocardiograph, ekg, drain, ecg, balloon, eeg. bulletin board, directory, board, no., noticeboard, plaque, carry, keep out, banner, notice. can, cake, crumb, bite, batch, consumption, bowlful, C, bed. tile, plaster, wax, ice, carpet, varnish, paper, board over, cement. font, dotted line, galley, capitalize, bold, format, copperplate, full page, capitalise. dinner service, cutlery, crocks, crockery, bone china, earthenware, cruet, dishes, canteen. punch bowl, saucer, salver, finger bowl, bowl, ramekin, mixing bowl. geography, floor, geology, continental shelf, aquifer, geological, fault, faultline, continental drift. dentistry (noun)
braces, cap, caries, bridge, amalgam, dentistry, cavity, crown.
dish or meal served (noun)
helping, serving, service, casserole, bowl, platter, course.
plate (noun)
dental plate, home, collection plate, scale, shell, plateful, denture, home plate, catcher, photographic plate.
portion (noun)
sheet, panel (noun)
plane, stratum, slice, lamina, coat, scale, layer.
shell (noun)
armor, Lorication, husk, casing, sheath, case, shell, sheathing, crust, hull, carapace.


coat with metallic material (verb)

Other synonyms:

layer, mixing bowl, saucer, platter, blanket, punch bowl, surface, board over, carpet, salver, paint, skin, membrane, finger bowl, ramekin. varnish. tile. cover. ice, cement, plaster, paper. bowl, wax. halftone
Other relevant words:
cut, cartridge, coat, photographic plate, skin, home, bridge, collection plate, stratum, wax, copperplate, silverware, picture, engraving, surface, ramekin, cement, blanket, varnish, helping, illustration, platter, plaque, cutlery, plaster, cover, saucer, plateful, scale, catcher, plane, mezzotint, casserole, meal, ice, artwork, course, lamina, salver, home plate, crucible, layer, armor, dental plate, slice, tile, dish, denture, board, etching, service, paint, bowl, serving, membrane.

Usage examples for plate

  1. And Dickie put his foot on the cross he had scratched with the broken bit of plate – Harding's luck by E. [Edith] Nesbit
  2. " I think," he said, smiling, " that she likes to be helped first, and to have everything on her plate at once." – Sanctuary by Edith Wharton
  3. I've got Tom Plate under my gun. – "Where Angels Fear to Tread" and Other Stories of the Sea by Morgan Robertson