Synonyms for Melancholy:


dejected (adjective)
despairing, morose, discouraged, dispirited, heartbroken, depressed, broody, grim, contemplative, dolorous, disconsolate, wistful, sad, lachrymose, downhearted, moody, sullen, plaintive, dreary, joyless, anguished, mournful, despondent, anxious, overcome, pensive, dejected, glum, blue, gloomy, disheartened, woeful, miserable.
depressed (adjective)
melancholic, dysphoric, tristful, spiritless, despondent.
depressed, sad (adjective)
dismal, disconsolate, down, despondent, joyless, downcast, dolorous, mournful, unhappy, wistful, miserable, moody, lachrymose, woeful, downhearted, dejected, dispirited, pensive, low, glum, grim, gloomy, blue.
depressing (adjective)
bleak, dispiriting.
grief-stricken (adjective)
hopeless (adjective)
dispirited, despairing, anguished, hopeless, bleak, dismal, cheerless, desperate, despondent, pessimistic, miserable, glum, disheartened, spiritless, downhearted, discouraged, morose, forlorn, dejected, gloomy, depressed.
sullen (adjective)
dark, gloomy, frowning, sour, long-faced, crabby, dour, cantankerous, mean, beetle-browed, glowering, fretful, surly, obstinate, sullen, dejected, irascible, noncooperative, uncooperative, grouchy, broody, contrary, ungenial, sulky, unsociable, hostile, malevolent, moody, petulant, scowling, grim, morose, cross, dissociable, unfriendly, glum, grumpy, Moping, cynical.


disappointment, remorse, unhappy, desolation. subdued, unfortunate, homesick. unhappiness, doldrums, dysphoria, funk, feelings, mope, heavy-heartedness, despondence, dumps, gloom. boredom (noun)
dejection (noun)
dreariness, woefulness, pensiveness, anxiety, sadness, dolorousness, plaintiveness, sullenness, moodiness, contemplativeness, blues, ennui, grimness, joylessness, wistfulness, mournfulness.
depression (noun)
woefulness, bleakness, dispiritedness, cheerlessness, dumps, blues, unhappiness.
depression, sadness (noun)
desperation, sorrow, funk, mournfulness, dolor, ennui, grief, pensiveness, despondency, gloominess, dejection, blues, despair, gloom, unhappiness, misery, wistfulness, dumps.
hopelessness (noun)
cheerlessness, dispiritedness, despair, downheartedness, despondency, discouragement, glumness, depression, misery, abandonment, moroseness, spiritlessness, bleakness, pessimism, desperation, forlornness, anguish, hopelessness, disheartenment, gloominess, heartlessness, dejection.
lamentation (noun)
dolor, lamentation, ululation, sorrow, grief, dolefulness.
melancholy (noun)
melancholic, sad, black bile.
sullenness (noun)
surliness, obstinacy, irascibility, fretfulness, contrariness, cynicism, crabbiness, crossness, petulance, grumpiness, grouchiness, dourness, sulkiness, hostility, unfriendliness, sourness, long-facedness, darkness, malevolence, cantankerousness, meanness.

Other synonyms:

dysphoria, doldrums, heavy-heartedness, homesick, dispiriting. despondence, gloom, unhappiness, subdued, dumps, depressing. funk, mope. forlorn
in low spirits
tristful, down, dysphoric, dull, low, downcast, unhappy.
Other relevant words:
dispiriting, downcast, mope, doldrums, desolation, depressing, remorse, gloom, down, funk, unhappy, unhappiness, dull, dumps, dysphoria, heavy-hearted, unfortunate, tristful, low, desolate, homesick, heavy-heartedness, black bile, dysphoric, despondence, melancholic.

Usage examples for melancholy

  1. On Sunday, however, the melancholy of the deserted club affected his spirits. – The Tracer of Lost Persons by Robert W. Chambers
  2. As the smile died from their faces they looked down sadly, and until dinner was announced they were very still and heavy with melancholy – The White Peacock by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
  3. The Prince was very melancholy having lost a young wife to whom he was devoted; also he was very religious. – Fifty-One Years of Victorian Life by Margaret Elizabeth Leigh Child-Villiers, Countess of Jersey