Synonyms for Hurdle:


earthwork, predicament, inconvenience, problem, barricade. fence, bridle, horsewhip, girth, difficulty, harness, interference, crop, halter, bit, blinders. fly, dive, negotiate, surmount, thrive, clear. gymkhana, dressage, flat race, horseflesh, going, rise, flat racing, furlong, move, double, the horses. act (noun)
barrier, obstacle (noun)
blockade, hindrance, complication, handicap, impediment, bar, traverse, barricade, fence, hamper, snag, difficulty, interference, wall, obstruction.
hindrance (noun)
opposition, bottleneck, catch, blockade, delay, choke, bung, inhibition, impedance, hindrance, blockage, congestion, crimp, stop, entrapment, drag, tangle, snag, burden, restraint, deterrent, obstruction, jam, complication, mire, frustration, handicap, impediment, impasse, damper, stay, clog, entanglement, stoppage, bafflement, encumbrance, resistance, obstacle, restriction, disadvantage, constipation, dam, plug, snarl, block, constraint, brake, barrier, drawback, interruption.
leap (noun)
leap, jump, skip, spring, vault, hop.
leaps (noun)
leap, jump, skip, spring, vault, hop.


jump over an obstacle (verb)
vault, surmount, clear, spring, hop, bound, negotiate.
leap (verb)
jump, capriole, pounce, spring, vault, leap, bound, skip, hop.

Other synonyms:

blinders. bridle, horsewhip, girth, wall, barricade. harness. fence, negotiate, bar. crop. dive, traverse, bit. fly. Other relevant words:
bridle, negotiate, interference, dive, harness, thrive, problem, fly, earthwork, gymkhana, clear, double, furlong, open, predicament, blinders, traverse, going, girth, crop, horseflesh, barricade, fence, bit, surmount, bar, horsewhip, inconvenience, difficulty, halter, dressage, rise, wall, hamper, move.

Usage examples for hurdle

  1. " Lord, but you are a wonder- to take that hurdle for no one that belonged to you, and to do it as you've done it. – Northern Lights by Gilbert Parker
  2. Riding toward this hurdle at a swift pace was a young girl; she was wearing a close fitting, scarlet riding habit, a little dark hat of some kind and high riding boots. – The Red Cross Girls with Pershing to Victory by Margaret Vandercook