Synonyms for Splenetic:


acrimonious (adjective)
cross, bitter, spiteful, irate, acerbic.
angry (adjective)
irritable, furious, galled, offended, Piqued, infuriated, irritated, resentful, incensed, vexed, sore.
crabby/crabbed (adjective)
prickly, fretful.
cross (adjective)
irritable (adjective)
peevish (adjective)
resentful (adjective)
bitter, Huffed, envious, vexed, spiteful, offended, discontent, galled, malevolent, stung, acerbic, miffed, Piqued, antagonistic, irritated, hurt, sore, infuriated, embittered, Spleenful, resentful, vindictive.
sensitive (adjective)


incensed, irate, incandescent, furious, seething, steamed, steaming, murderous, apoplectic. peevish (noun)
irritable, fretful, study at irritable, cross.
splenetic (noun)
prickly, ill-natured, waspish, bristly.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
incandescent, apoplectic, furious, irate, cross, ill-natured, murderous, irritable, waspish, steaming, incensed, seething, fretful, bristly, prickly, steamed.

Usage examples for splenetic

  1. Her husband, formerly the governmental procurator, well known in his day as an active official- a man of energetic and decided character, splenetic and stubborn- had died ten years previously. – A Nobleman's Nest by Ivan Turgenieff
  2. See the counterpart of this line, Penseroso 65. Todd quotes the note of Bishop Hurd,-" Happy men love witnesses of their joy: the splenetic love solitude." – Minor Poems by Milton by John Milton