Synonyms for Patchy:


imperfect (adjective)
incomplete (adjective)
lacking, unsatisfactory, undone, embryonic, Curtailed, incomplete, missing, fragmentary, partial, fractional, Unaccomplished, scanty, insufficient, immature, deficient, unattained, short, unfulfilled, discontinuous, unachieved, segmental, unfinished, sectional.
irregular (adjective)
fragmentary, irregular.
piecemeal (adjective)
at intervals.
spotty, not consistent (adjective)
erratic, variable, sketchy, uneven, irregular, varying.


abortive, sketchy, outstanding, pending, light touch, superficial. mixed, inconsistent, variable, a double-edged/two-edged sword, continue, mixed blessing, unsteady, work both ways, Two-edged, cut both ways, erratic, spotty, the rights and wrongs of something, same. localized, in patches, scattered, at intervals, locally, in places. patchy (noun)
sketchy (noun)
irregular, varying, inconsistent.

Other synonyms:

localized, mixed blessing. locally, scattered, inconsistent, spotty. mixed. erratic, variable. unsteady. Other relevant words:
locally, spotty, unsteady, light touch, abortive, outstanding, localized, inconsistent, erratic, same, variable, sketchy, varying, irregular, superficial, scattered, uneven, continue, Two-edged, mixed, pending.

Usage examples for patchy

  1. These black beams were set crooked or crisscross at all kinds of angles, giving the whole a most patchy and puzzling appearance. – The Wisdom of Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton