Synonyms for Rent:


disjoint (adjective)
dismantled, fissured, disjoint, separated, sliced, detached, disunited, uncoupled, severed, divorced, scissored, broken, divided, fragmented, partitioned, split, dissociated, disconnected, unglued, Sundered, dissected, disarticulated, Disassociated, segregated, Disengaged, incised, unfixed, Disintegrated, Bisected, disassembled, cleaved, cut, parted, Excised, Halved, unhinged.


cranny, lend, blowhole, cavity, sublet, abyss, aperture, chink, channel, crater. remortgage, mortgage, sublease, exchange contracts. sign out, hire out, let out. Rented, rent-free, Hire purchase, installment plan, rental. act (noun)
split, rip.
available (noun)
on the market, Offered, renting, to let, advertised, for hire.
disjunction (noun)
fissure, slice, detachment, Disarticulation, disassociation, incision, cleavage, alienation, disintegration, disassembly, amputation, partition, divorce, break, disengagement, dissection, part, segregation, division, disunity, disconnection, separation, bisection, dissociation.
fee paid for use, service, or privilege (noun)
rental, hire, lease.
object (noun)
tear, rip, split.
opening (noun)
opening, split (noun)
cleavage, chink, break, fissure, rip, tear, division.
rent (noun)
ripped, engage, damaged, split, torn, rip, charter, lease, hire, take, let, blasted, economic rent, tear.


damaged (verb)
wrecked, ransacked, marred, Depredated, wreaked havoc, wasted, despoiled, ruined, ravaged, laid waste, spoiled, damaged, pillaged, vandalized.
dissociated (verb)
split, disconnected, disunited, divided, parted, severed, dismantled, cleft, Sundered, segregated, broken, dissociated, Disassociated, broke, Excised, disjoined, separated, Insulated, detached, Halved, partitioned, cleaved, alienated, ruptured, fragmented, Disengaged, uncoupled, divorced.
hire (verb)
engage, contract, employ, lease.
pay or charge fee for use, service, or privilege (verb)
contract, charter, borrow, lend, let, sublet, engage.
possession (verb)
let, lease.
separated (verb)
Disintegrated, estranged, incised, dissected, disassembled, removed, cut, Amputated, unfixed, axed, sliced, Bisected, unglued, disaffiliated, Pared, ripped, unhinged.

Other synonyms:

rent-free, installment plan, borrow, Rented, Hire purchase, remortgage, rental. sign out, hire out, mortgage. let out. charter
sublet, sublease.

Usage examples for rent

  1. True, she had been a little disturbed when her husband reminded her that they would be paying rent meanwhile. – Oh, Money! Money! by Eleanor Hodgman Porter
  2. We may rent to or from another. – Slips of Speech by John H. Bechtel