Synonyms for Purchase:


charge card, brand loyalty, consumption, buying, conspicuous consumption, caveat emptor, bargaining, getting, comparison-shop, credit, marketing, shopping, account, charge account, acquirement. import, buy up, get in, property, booty, bargain, snap up, place, possession, invest in. acquisition (noun)
addition, accumulation, procurement, acquisition, appropriation, assumption, collection, annexation, gain.
expenditure (noun)
installment, payment, outlay, disbursement, expenditure, lay out, investment.
possession obtained with money (noun)
booty, acquisition, property, investment, bargain, buy, gain, acquirement.
purchase (noun)
leverage, buy.
traction (noun)
traction, Tugging, pulling, Yanking, drawing.


acquire (verb)
fetch, win, bag, heap, amass, lure, take, incur, land, claim, buy, annex, corner, secure, harvest, add, palm, obtain, acquire, receive, wrangle, pocket, retrieve, net, accumulate, get, reap, assume, capture, score, procure, catch, garner, collect.

Other synonyms:

buy up, snap up, invest in. import, get in. place. take

Usage examples for purchase

  1. He had come to me only because he wanted to purchase and I remember being so amused at his attitude, which I had never seen equally marked in a person of education, that I asked him why, for the sort of enjoyment he desired, it wouldn't be more to the point to deal directly with the lady. – Embarrassments by Henry James
  2. He may speak with others on religious matters, and if a man of business, he may give orders with regard to the purchase and sale of merchandize, but on no account must any goods be brought to him. – The Faith of Islam by Edward Sell