Synonyms for Space:


domain, space age, belt, interplanetary, transearth, dry land, martian, claim, corridor, selenological, conservancy, enclosure, interstellar, conservation area, border, lunar. heap, lay out, align, sort, apportion, collate, order, arrange, organize, pile, layer. beading, body, addition, catacombs, alcove, bay, ceiling, balcony, cornerstone, separate, brickwork. artwork, cheesecake, article, way, classified ad, big, advice column, centerfold, banner headline, piece, announcement, byline, cartoon. expansion, headroom, sweep, expanse, spread, clearance, footprint, air pocket, infinity. annexe, coda, annex, foot, spell, attachment, while, box, attention line, contents, amendment, time, bit. enfranchisement, freedom, release, emancipation, liberty, autonomy, free will, autarky, independence. forget, blot out, erase, slip your mind/memory, put something behind you, obliterate, repress, lose sight of, blank out, escape. date, delay, era, countdown, epoch, chapter, day, block, duration. cd-r, CD RW, cache, cache memory, boot disk, CDE, CD ROM, blu-ray, buffer, cd. copperplate, font, full page, capitalize, galley, capitalise, dotted line, bold, format. Hyperspace, the cosmos, creation, the universe. emptiness, nothingness, blankness, vacuum. neglect, write off, put aside, turn off, overlook, ignore, put something down to experience, disregard. degree (noun)
extent (noun)
measure, length, area, dimension, zone, scope, extent, territory, neighborhood, scale, room, region, volume, reach, leeway, plateau, acreage, span, range, stretch, plane, field.
gap (noun)
break, gap, breach, interval, notch, chasm, rift, crevice, slit, gulf, abyss, ravine, cleft.
punctuation (noun)
bracket, colon, bullet point, brace, bad break, apostrophe, bullet, ampersand, comma.
room, scope (noun)
field, area, zone, stretch, interval, volume, spread, expansion, headroom, extent, territory, blank, expanse, distance, infinity, range, leeway, gap, reach.
space (noun)
blank space, blank, place, quad, distance.
spell (noun)
time interval (noun)
span, duration, while, spell, bit, time.

Other synonyms:

nothingness, the cosmos, space age. contents, Hyperspace, emptiness. expansion, while. creation, put aside, overlook. neglect, time, spell. turn off. write off. bit, piece. boundlessness
Other relevant words:
align, enclosure, blank, place, bay, infinity, separate, apportion, day, box, quad, delay, ceiling, clearance, distance, while, belt, emptiness, lay out, brace, corridor, neglect, block, organize, time, space age, spell, piece, way, air pocket, arrange, spread, expansion, bit, expanse, blank space, nothingness, duration, vacuum, alcove, headroom, freedom, Hyperspace, release, sweep, order.

Usage examples for space

  1. Interesting as they are, however, we shall not attempt to describe them in detail, as the space required would be too great. – Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
  2. Only themselves to think of for the space of a golden summer! – Four Girls and a Compact by Annie Hamilton Donnell
  3. The Arpalones, out in space yes. – The Galaxy Primes by Edward Elmer Smith