Synonyms for Window:


business card, casement, binder, bay window, carbon, clipboard, carbon paper, card, porthole, peephole, correction fluid, show window, acetate, skylight, blotting paper, blotter. bar, lattice, checkbox, cell, blip, active window, button, blank, pane, glass, avatar, shutter, button bar, box. axle, bonnet, bumper, boot, armor, body, bull bar, bodywork, chassis, armour. double glazing, dormer, fire door, fog, exit, back door, fanlight, door. department, bargain-basement, cold store, changing room, checkout, dressing room, menswear, haberdashery, fitting room, counter. countdown, delay, duration, distance, block, date, era, day, epoch, chapter. hole (noun)
opening (noun)
window (noun)
casement, dormer, porthole, fanlight, bay window, skylight.

Other synonyms:

casement. bow window
bay window.
Other relevant words:
block, era, bar, bodywork, lattice, armor, bay window, chapter, axle, checkbox, countdown, distance, casement, dormer, binder, bonnet, date, shutter, card, boot, armour, acetate, epoch, fog, menswear, button, porthole, body, chassis, haberdashery, door, skylight, bumper, duration, box, peephole, blotter, show window, fanlight, day, carbon, glass, blank, pane, exit, delay, avatar, checkout, department, cell, blip, counter.

Usage examples for window

  1. " Say," says I, pullin' Pinckney over by the window did you put this up on me?" – Shorty McCabe by Sewell Ford
  2. Cleve went to the window and looked out. – The Tenants of Malory Volume 1 of 3 by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  3. The next minute a young man looked in at the window and said, " I thought I saw you at Fairchester. – Salome by Emma Marshall