Synonyms for Tariff:


capital gains tax, CGT, carbon tax, direct tax, death tax, customs, capitation, corporation tax, back tax, corporate tax. assessment, pay, money, politics, impost. possession (noun)
price (noun)
quotation, rate, duty, price, tab, amount, figure, cost, outlay, charge, toll, expense, damage, premium, levy, worth, dearness, tax, value.
tax or fee (noun)
cost, levy, toll, impost, assessment, charge, tab, rate, duty, tax, price.

Other synonyms:

impost. assessment. Other relevant words:
capitation, impost, corporation tax, death tax, assessment, capital gains tax, politics, pay, customs, CGT, money.

Usage examples for tariff

  1. Their science, liberated, will give them the lead in many arts and industries; their philosophy and literature, no longer crippled by national vanities, will rise to the splendid world- level of former days; their colonizing enterprise, unhindered by conscriptionist vetoes, will carry them far and wide over the globe; and even their trade will find that without fortified seaports and tariff walls it will, in these days of universal movement and intercommunication, do fully as well as, if not much better than, ever it did before. – The Healing of Nations and the Hidden Sources of Their Strife by Edward Carpenter
  2. Like the Duke of Devonshire, whom I always regarded during his life as my leader in politics, I had to weigh my anchor during the tempest caused by Mr. Chamberlain's scheme of Tariff Reform, and then seek safety in the ocean of independence. – The Adventure of Living by John St. Loe Strachey
  3. Ukrainian industry suffered a set- back through the unfavorable tariff policies adhered to by the Russian government and by the fact that no banks, except those with central offices in Moscow or Petrograd, were allowed to establish branches in Ukraine. – Memorandum to the Government of the United States on the Recognition of the Ukrainian People's Republic by Julian Batchinsky