Synonyms for Rate:


incidence, standard, degree, comparison, bill, proportion, quota, relationship, relation, percentage, fee, offer, frequency. tend, size up, assay, possess, bear, seem, grow in, bristle with, have, wear. irregularity, distribute, basis, for the first/last etc. time, irregular, long, length, much. get, gain, belong to, due, deserved, earn, well-earned, win, deserving, undeserved. represent, designate, brand, say a lot/very little etc. for, peg, credit with, term, attribute to. momentum, jog. 12, PG-13, R, PG, rating, 15, G, NC-17, 18. fee charged for service, privilege, goods (noun)
price, cost, tab, figure, allowance, toll, charge, tariff, duty, tax, valuation, quotation.
measurement (noun)
evaluation, calculation, quantification, computation, appraisal, survey, benchmark, quantity, calibration, ranking, test, measurement.
occurrence (noun)
price (noun)
levy, tab, outlay, duty, tariff, expense, toll, charge, damage, worth, quotation, cost, amount, dearness, premium, tax, price.
rate (noun)
place, pace, charge per unit, merit, deserve, order, value, rank, grade, range.
ratio, proportion (noun)
relation, quota, amount, estimate, comparison, percentage, standard, scale, degree, relationship.
speed (noun)
motion, flow, clip, velocity, meter, speed, movement, time.
speed, pace (noun)
motion, flow, clip, velocity, measure, pace, movement, time.
unit of measurement (noun)


be entitled to (verb)
deserve, merit, earn.
calculate (verb)
guess, study, gauge, account, deduce, enumerate, presume, rank, surmise, figure, evaluate, consider, rationalize, think, divide, plan, sum, triangulate, quantize, judge, score, determine, conclude, systematize, value, scheme, compute, appraise, infer, add, assess, program, plot, quantify, total, suppose, tally, measure, count, weigh, multiply, estimate, schedule, calculate, reckon, approximate.
cognition (verb)
judge, classify (verb)
evaluate, consider, appraise, grade, peg, reckon, assay, pigeonhole, rank, fix, assess, survey, value, calculate, score, class, count, weigh, size up, determine.
measure (verb)
scale, calibrate.
order (verb)
integrate, stratify, marshal, stabilize, group, regulate, cast, compose, control, organize, support, right, sort, mediate, fix, grade, unsnarl, structure, array, subordinate, settle, set, class, form, Methodize, maintain, arrange, schematize, chart, establish, place, classify, devise, normalize, adjust, prepare, harmonize, categorize, orchestrate, unify, frame, collate, order, separate, balance, type, shape, pigeonhole, screen, design, sift.
price (verb)
charge, tax, toll, price, value, figure.

Other synonyms:

speed, well-earned, fee, deserving, deserved, PG, bristle with, grow in, credit with, velocity, possess, undeserved, seem. irregularity, degree, tend, win, frequency, offer, much. designate, basis, length, momentum, bill. jog, earn, rating, time, irregular. gain, brand. wear, belong to, G, R, due. represent, distribute. peg, bear. term. long. have, get. analyze
multiply, enumerate.
gauge, calibrate.
Other relevant words:
long, wear, percentage, flow, movement, irregularity, momentum, PG, possess, allowance, clip, meter, brand, distribute, relation, term, seem, basis, deserving, offer, proportion, have, R, win, irregular, represent, deserved, gain, bear, get, motion, deserve, 18, relationship, pace, well-earned, length, earn, rating, designate, jog, 15, G, size up, quota, much, 12, peg, assay, bill, tend, undeserved, fee, merit.