Synonyms for Stab:


EINA, neuralgia. indicate, open, flag down, High five, marks, hand-wringing, beckon, motion, acknowledge, flip off, moon, puncture, perforation. intimidate, smart, frighten, terrify, panic, frighten/scare the wits out of someone, chill, scare, alarm, shake up, prickle, startle, soreness. bump off, slaughter, endeavor, massacre, strangle, assay, attempt, assassinate, exterminate, dispatch, essay, take someone's life, effort, trial, try, go, take, offer. stand, whirl, fling, whack, chase, struggle, trial run. impulse, ram, flush, sink, outburst, stick, flash, put in, fit, spurt, plunge, rush, run. grip, grow, surge, pulse, sweep over, color, come over, engulf, heighten. spear, impale, plunge in, plunge into. shove, prodding. attempt (noun)
fling, whirl, essay, whack, endeavor, go, try.
pain (noun)
inflammation, infliction, gripe, discomfort, stitch, Migraine, anguish, irritation, wrench, wound, chafing, affliction, headache, agony, bite, pain, misery, hurt, smarting, sting, burn, rack, throe, painfulness, torture, suffering, injury, grief, spasm, bruise, torment, sore, malaise, distress, cramp, earache, crick, Back Ache, throb, pang, ache.
piercing cut (noun)
pang, Transfixion, piercing, stick, puncture, hurt, thrust, blow, wound, jab, ache.
stab (noun)
knife, thrust, jab, prod, dig, knife thrust, poke.
thrust (noun)
piercing, bayonet thrust, cut, Transfixion, blow, puncture, stick.


contact (verb)
puncture, pierce with sharp, pointed object (verb)
ram, cut, knife, plunge, spear, sink.

Other synonyms:

soreness. effort, attempt, endeavor. ram, assay, perforation, plunge, plunge in, shove. prickle, fling, spear. trial, essay, plunge into. puncture. sink. run. spear
Other relevant words:
piercing, plunge, offer, impale, struggle, plunge in, cut, prickle, Transfixion, whirl, essay, attempt, open, blow, dig, ram, puncture, perforation, smart, stick, endeavor, sink, trial, run, whack, take, poke, knife thrust, spear, effort, try, soreness, prod, jab, fling, knife, go, plunge into, thrust, shove, assay.

Usage examples for stab

  1. He knew that it must begin all over again- inevitable, after the stab of that wretched argument plunged into their hearts and turned and turned all the evening. – The Dark Flower by John Galsworthy
  2. There was a sharp stab in Barbara's arm, and then, with incredible quickness, peace. – Flower of the Dusk by Myrtle Reed