Synonyms for Nature:


factor, facet, aspect, feature, property, macrocosm, component. identity, quality, essence. classification, cross-section, category, out of doors, landscape, reality, taxonomy, view, environment, scenery, grouping. energy, the biosphere, fission, the environment, fusion, physics, natural resources, radiation, Water power, element, raw materials, ecology, resource, ecosystem. generation, restoration, quickening, regeneration, strength. by birth, as a matter of course, naturally. part, matter. feather, lot, breed, manner, cast, type, species, stamp, sort, mold, group, order, ilk, stripe, variety, persuasion. complexion, makeup, be. essentiality, quintessence, being, surface, texture, substance. humor. character (noun)
kind, peculiarity, reputation, individuality, temperament, class, stature, repute, standing, character, description, disposition, personality.
character, disposition (noun)
humor, individuality, personality, essentiality, type, complexion, texture, quality, temperament, being, description, essence, makeup.
earth, creation (noun)
environment, scenery, generation, world, cosmos, universe, view, landscape, macrocosm.
kind (noun)
variety, type, species, sort.
life (noun)
creation, life, animation, lifeblood, vitality, life force.
texture (noun)
type, kind (noun)
category, species, cast, variety, sort, ilk, character, stripe.
universe (noun)
earth, planet, galaxy, world, cosmos, plenum, universe, globe, heavens.

Other synonyms:

essentiality, facet, ilk, essence, the biosphere, component, raw materials, natural resources, property, aspect, ecology, ecosystem, identity. being, quality, feather, feature, species. factor, substance, quintessence, stripe, texture. environment, landscape, complexion, resource, stamp, makeup. mold, sort, humor. persuasion, breed. element. manner, lot. order. cosmos
Other relevant words:
breed, ecology, makeup, character, quintessence, essentiality, mold, landscape, classification, lot, facet, order, ecosystem, humor, view, naturally, cast, species, being, element, group, aspect, environment, stripe, matter, property, complexion, stamp, scenery, ilk, feather, substance, identity, variety, type, macrocosm, texture, reality, surface, generation, category, persuasion, essence, component, sort, feature, quality, manner.

Usage examples for nature

  1. " Well, Aleck, as with nature so with man. – Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist by Alexander Berkman
  2. I have come here to see Lady Mason- on some business- some business not of a very pleasant nature – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope