Synonyms for Lodge:


ply with, take in, nourish, lay on, feed, serve, cater, support. domicile, chateau, bed, room, boarding house, bungalow, adobe, protection, apartment, harbor, put up, board, apartment building, bunkhouse, bestow, berth, bunk. give, hand, present, hand over, place, contribute, visit, help, yield, lavish, distribute, part with. exist, there is/are etc., sit, fasten, ingrain, root, lie, stand, infix, belong, entrench, set, concentrate. molehill, habitat, rabbit warren, bedding, nest, earth, den. grumble, complain, murmur, kvetch, take something further, moan, raise the roof, kick up a fuss/stink/argument, mutter. masonic, grand master, freemason, mason. abode (noun)
dormitory, chalet, motel, home, Dwelling place, hotel, ski lodge, stopover, resort.
artifact (noun)
Indian Lodge.
cabin; vacation residence (noun)
dormitory, hostel, chalet, motel, home, stopover, house, hostelry, den, hotel, inn.
lodge (noun)
order, inn, file, society, hostelry, hunting lodge, accommodate, Sir Oliver Lodge, charge, Sir Oliver Joseph lodge, stick, hostel, club, wedge, guild, gild, Indian Lodge.
person (noun)
Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir Oliver Joseph lodge.
social organization (noun)


become fixed or wedged (verb)
embed, catch, infix, entrench, stick, implant, root, stay, ingrain.
communication (verb)
file, charge.
inhabit (verb)
insert (verb)
infiltrate, inject, intrude, insert, introduce, embed, penetrate, inset, pierce, insinuate, implant, interpose.
occupy (verb)
dwell, inhabit, billet, squat, house, stay, reside, occupy, colonize, quarter, roost.
stative (verb)
stay at temporary residence (verb)
board, dwell, roost, bunk, domicile, room, bestow, put up, quarter, accommodate, harbor, nest, squat, reside.

Other synonyms:

complain, bedding, infix, freemason, mutter, habitat, masonic, molehill, kvetch. rabbit warren, mason, grand master, domicile, resort, ingrain, grumble. bunk, board, moan, visit, entrench. earth, harbor, murmur. bestow, bed. fasten. nest. catch. set. abide
inn, hotel.
live in
motor hotel
sir oliver joseph lodge
Sir Oliver Joseph lodge.

Usage examples for lodge

  1. You live here, and the lodge will do nicely for me. – The Darling and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov
  2. If you could persuade her to go out to your hunting lodge – The Princess Virginia by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson