Synonyms for Checked:


all (adjective)
checkered, chequered.
examined (adjective)
Inspected, Investigated.
limited (adjective)
multicolored (adjective)
motley, mosaic, striped, streaked, multicolor, tartan, freckled, variegated, parquet, kaleidoscopic, calico, varicolored, rainbow, flecked, tessellated, dappled, polychromatic, checkered, Dichromic, harlequin, colorful, Striated, plaid, Parti-colored, marble, patchwork.
observed (adjective)
observed, Surveyed.
rejected (adjective)
rejected, disapproved, Disclaimed, jilted, Blackballed, Trashed, discarded, Disallowed, jettisoned, chopped, blacklisted, Excised, Snipped, Eliminated, deep-sixed, barred, cut, abandoned, scrapped, junked, shed, Denied, Excluded.
stopped (adjective)
tabulated (adjective)
noted, detailed, recorded, tabled, Summed, Chronicled, Audited, stored, Inventoried, Tallied, listed, Filed, documented, registered, Counted, Logged, scheduled, totaled, cataloged, Tabulated, journaled, Enumerated, Indexed, historical, budgeted, recounted, collected, Invoiced, itemized, summarized.


chronological, crisscross, even, candy-striped, broken, checkerboard. checked (noun)
restrained, checkered, patterned, curbed, chequered.


ascertained (verb)
demonstrated, ascertained, double checked, found out, confirmed, substantiated, established, assured, certified.
blemished (verb)
cracked, marked, damaged, Blotted, spoiled, defaced, Kinked, scratched, specked, blemished, discolored, dotted, distorted, marred, Scuffed, chipped, stained, hurt, disfigured, fractured, flecked, notched, slitted, Scored, Nicked, tainted, defected, blistered, deformed, Hacked, freckled, spotted, gashed, splotched, scarred, tarnished, abraded.
dissuaded (verb)
discouraged, Dampened, Deflected, diverted, daunted, disheartened, chilled, Derailed, restrained, banned, Averted, disinclined, Deterred, Dissuaded, inhibited, intimidated, Prevented, depressed, admonished.
examined (verb)
observed, Examined, Scrutinized, Contemplated, considered, reviewed, Inspected, studied, Surveyed, Scanned, Perused.
experimented (verb)
tested, proved, analyzed, verified, proven, benchmarked, researched, Probed, Investigated, Assayed, tried, Experimented, determined.
hindered (verb)
blocked, tangled, congested, crippled, complicated, encumbered, fouled, Detained, paralyzed, clogged, curbed, mired, Caught, Stayed, braked, Crimped, impaired, delayed, constrained, jammed, stopped, choked, Snagged, Hampered, Dammed, thwarted, fettered, Dragged, cramped, handicapped, Entrapped, frustrated, Bunged, interrupted, plugged, Hamstrung, baffled, entangled, restricted, burdened, constipated, bottlenecked, snarled.
listed (verb)
Tallied, booked, listed, Counted, Accounted, itemized, Inventoried, Journalized, recounted, collected, summarized, Filed, totaled, cataloged, tabled, scheduled, Chronicled, digested, Enumerated, Audited, Invoiced, registered, Tabulated, budgeted, Logged, Indexed, stored, documented, noted, recorded, detailed.
negated (verb)
reversed, negated, Renounced, disaffirmed, repudiated, Effaced, inverted, invalidated, overturned, nullified, Disproved, Disavowed, counterbalanced, Canceled.
opposed (verb)
Challenged, impeded, Interfered, Conflicted, repressed, Disagreed, Counteracted, Intercepted, Protested, countered, counterattacked, Confronted, crossed, Rebuffed, suppressed, Repelled, Hindered, Objected, disputed, Contradicted, Resisted, obstructed, oppressed, Fought, Meddled, Defied, opposed, Antagonized, Repulsed.
rejected (verb)
vented, Vomited, cropped, Ejected, seeped, lopped, Belched, Excreted, Oppugned, Emitted, Exuded, Ejaculated, evacuated, Spewed, exhausted, Culled, clipped, Curtailed, Secreted, drained, Disgorged, shedded, erupted, Sniped, sheared, scraped, discharged.
variegated (verb)
marbled, colored, colorized.

Other synonyms:

chronological, candy-striped. checkerboard. crisscross. even. Other relevant words:
checkerboard, chronological, chequered, even, patterned, crisscross, candy-striped, broken.

Usage examples for checked

  1. He checked himself and changed the form of his question: " I overheard you speaking to Victoria's maid, and I've been lying awake nights ever since, wondering how it happened that you speak French with so pure an accent." – The Bent Twig by Dorothy Canfield
  2. And it's about time we moved around and checked on the rest of the planet. – The Players by Everett B. Cole
  3. He seized my arm, and for the moment checked me. – The Red Cockade by Stanley J. Weyman