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Other synonyms:

restrained, checkered, chronological, curbed, candy-striped, patterned, even, crisscross, checkerboard, broken, chequered.

Examples of usage:

He checked himself and changed the form of his question: " I overheard you speaking to Victoria's maid, and I've been lying awake nights ever since, wondering how it happened that you speak French with so pure an accent." - "The Bent Twig", Dorothy Canfield.

And it's about time we moved around and checked on the rest of the planet. - "The Players", Everett B. Cole.

He seized my arm, and for the moment checked me. - "The Red Cockade", Stanley J. Weyman.

Similar words:

rosy-cheeked, rose-cheeked, spell-checker, spelling checker, retirement check, redundant check, personal check, treasurer's check, traveller's check, traveler's check.

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