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peeked - 33 results
Examples of usage:

The stricken man put his hands on the counter, peeked over the bar- keeper's shoulder at his favorite bottle, as if mournfully to a friend, but said not a word. - "First Fam'lies of the Sierras", Joaquin Miller.

She peeked through the branches to see what it was, and there stood a beautiful reindeer. - "The Later Cave-Men", Katharine Elizabeth Dopp.

She had peeked into the cooking, too, and had found out more things going wrong in five hours than the contract surgeon had in five months. - "Love, The Fiddler", Lloyd Osbourne.

Similar words:

peeved, Peered, peeled, keep one's eyes peeled, peeler, peewee, peeves, peeper, spring peeper, peeve.

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