Synonyms for Corporate:


allied (adjective)
common, incorporated, collective.


bloated, business-to-business, all-night, big, brisk, anticompetitive, business, brick-and-mortar, accredited. distributed, personal, indivisible, uneven, simple, common, Among, undivided. corporate (noun)
corporal, organized, incarnate, collective, corporeal, incorporated, embodied, material, bodied.

Other synonyms:

indivisible, simple. undivided, uneven, distributed. common, Among. personal. Other relevant words:
brisk, bloated, brick-and-mortar, business, anticompetitive, personal, uneven, accredited, business-to-business, distributed, Among, undivided, common, all-night, simple, big, indivisible.

Usage examples for corporate

  1. Corporate rights, not popular liberty, seemed, in his view, the precious gains made by such a prodigious expenditure of time, money, and blood. – History of the United Netherlands, 1609 by John Lothrop Motley
  2. Colonel Wood and Lord Fairfax both donated additional lots in order to extend the corporate limits of the town. – Legends of the Skyline Drive and the Great Valley of Virginia by Carrie Hunter Willis Etta Belle Walker