Synonyms for Boot:


close, decode, corrupt, emulate, crash, abort, deliver, gumshoe, rubber, shoe, buffer, display. axle, armor, shove, bodywork, bumper, chassis, body, bull bar, drive, armour. breathalyzer, cuffs, chevron, Denver boot, cruiser, baton, trust, flak jacket, rely on it, trust in it, body armor, billy club. expulsion, put/stick the boot in, set about, fight back, ouster, kick/beat the shit out of someone, Ejectment, kick out, eviction, ejection, kick someone's face/teeth/head in. wallop, excite, high. boot (noun)
bring up, kick, luggage compartment, iron heel, thrill, rush, trunk, charge, kicking, iron boot, reboot, bang, automobile trunk, flush.
boot out (noun)
kick out, sack.
clothing (noun)
dressing gown, attire, trench coat, bonnet, windbreaker, ulster, caftan, bowler, crinoline, blazer, mackintosh, sweat suit, fur, outfit, sports coat, raiment, trousers, suit, overcoat, housecoat, footgear, topcoat, kilt, v neck, tunic, raincoat, dinner jacket, clothing, pillbox, shawl, hat, brassiere, beret, vesture, sari, tuxedo, shorts, clothes, pull over, slicker, pinafore, pea coat, nightgown, pajamas, smock, robe, jersey, burnoose, stetson, dress, coat, chapeau, shirt, cloak, halter, skirt, fez, garment, gown, t-shirt, sweater, blouse, sarong, garb, poncho, ensemble, afghan, stockings, duds, homburg, costume, frock, scarf, shoes, jumper, petticoat, turtle-neck, camisole, vestment, apparel, fedora, array, greatcoat, trimming, smoking jacket, blue jeans, evening gown, wrapper, corset, parka, slacks, cape, sweat shirt, pyjamas, pants, chemise, jacket, bathrobe, wrap, headdress, panties, kimono, doublet, habit.
footwear (noun)
shoe (noun)
cowboy boots, footgear.


kick; oust (verb)
bounce, drive, shove, kick out, ax, discharge, sack.
start operating system (verb)

Other synonyms:

buffer, body armor, Birkenstock, deliver, emulate, ouster, bull bar, axle, flak jacket, Ejectment, Denver boot, deck shoe, breathalyzer, clodhoppers, decode, corrupt, Brogues, bodywork, cowboy boots, billy club, desert boot, bumper. ax, crash, chassis, ejection, close, abort, dismissal, eviction, expulsion, crosstrainer, armor, display. termination, clog, sack. baton, bounce. discharge. body. high. attack
get rid of
kick out.
Other relevant words:
bounce, automobile trunk, flush, Birkenstock, rush, expulsion, ouster, trunk, abort, thrill, body, excite, decode, baton, drive, Denver boot, deliver, charge, clodhoppers, reboot, crosstrainer, iron boot, chassis, kicking, termination, clog, discharge, ax, eviction, Ejectment, luggage compartment, iron heel, bang, emulate, wallop, shove, dismissal, armor, kick, bring up, shoe, high, Brogues, bodywork, kick out, ejection, sack.

Usage examples for boot

  1. The colonel noted with a good- natured surprise the position of his stout riding- boot and withdrew it. – The Isle of Unrest by Henry Seton Merriman
  2. Can you think that I will hazard these, with my head to boot like a rash child? – Lucretia, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  3. But one evening, as Mishka and I rode towards the castle, a pebble shot from a clump of bushes near at hand, and struck his boot – The Red Symbol by John Ironside