Synonyms for Airless:


all (adjective)
unaired, close, stuffy.
close (adjective)
still (adjective)
windless, Breezeless.
without fresh air (adjective)
stuffy, unaired, unventilated, stifling.


blast, air, dense, airflow, current, airy, atmosphere, breath, open, Breathable, airborne, stifling. still, windless, Breezeless, breathless. airless (noun)
stuffy, unaired, unventilated, close.

Other synonyms:

stifling, windless, Breezeless, airy, Breathable, airflow, dense. atmosphere, breathless. airborne. still, blast, current. air. Other relevant words:
airy, still, atmosphere, air, airflow, blast, open, dense, breath, Breathable, current, airborne, windless, stifling, breathless, Breezeless.

Usage examples for airless

  1. Beech woods of all kinds- from forest slopes, where majestic trees, grey and soaring pillars of the woodland roof, stood in stately isolation on the dead- leaf carpet woven by the years about their carved and polished bases, to the close plantations of young trees, where the saplings crowded on each other, and here and there amid the airless tangle of leaf and branch some long pheasant- drive, cut straight through the green heart of the wood, refreshed the seeking eye with its arched and far- receding path. – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  2. She lay upon the floor in a little dark room, and through the window in the airless air- shaft, high up in one corner, she could see a three- cornered spot of light. – O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921 by Various