Synonyms for Ache:


throbbing, EINA, neuralgia. feel, commiserate, hankering, sympathize, urge, inclination, craving, compassionate, longing, pity, yearning, thirst. desire, desolation, sadness, depression, want, hone, remorse, covet, sorrow, wish, regret, disappointment, pant. pound, bother, trouble, prickle, stifle. crave, look for, hope, lust after, aspire, have your heart set on (doing) something. grieve, sink, mourn, upset yourself, get down, feel sorry for someone. ache (noun)
pine, languish, hurt, yearn, smart, suffer, yen, aching, long.
desire (noun)
disease (noun)
muscle spasm (noun)
crick, cramp.
pain (noun)
burn, painfulness, spasm, torment, stitch, bite, Back Ache, headache, irritation, gripe, stab, rack, throb, inflammation, torture, chafing, bruise, suffering, grief, sore, distress, injury, cramp, misery, malaise, earache, pang, infliction, pain, throe, crick, discomfort, affliction, Migraine, smarting, wrench, sting, agony, anguish.
painfulness (noun)
arduousness, acuteness, cruelty, grievousness, severity, uncomfortableness, irksomeness, bitterness, unpleasantness, annoyingness, distressfulness, hurtfulness, offensiveness, aggravation, woefulness, soreness, oppressiveness, odiousness.
sore feeling; dull pain (noun)
hurt, misery, spasm, smarting, pang, suffering, soreness, throb, anguish, throbbing, throe.
state (noun)


feeling soreness or dull pain, often physical (verb)
pound, smart, pain, suffer.
injure (verb)
harm, hurt, injure, offend, damage, wound, mangle.
pain (verb)
agonize, chafe, inflame, smart, afflict, suffer, irritate.
perception (verb)
suffer, hurt.

Other synonyms:

grieve, hankering, thirst, get down, yearning, longing, pound, craving, trouble, EINA, neuralgia, inclination, mourn. sink, covet, commiserate, urge, sorrow, stifle, want, bother, regret. desire, pant, compassionate, prickle. wish. pity. feel. desire
Other relevant words:
crave, stifle, bother, commiserate, prickle, mourn, wish, languish, desolation, pant, EINA, sorrow, pity, sadness, compassionate, trouble, throbbing, pine, grieve, desire, yearn, inclination, neuralgia, yen, feel, pound, depression, sympathize, craving, want, long, hone, longing, aching, covet, yearning, thirst.

Usage examples for ache

  1. I think I have finished her, however, though she made my fingers ache – Tess of the d'Urbervilles A Pure Woman by Thomas Hardy
  2. It made my heart ache for I knew it wasn't all dreams. – The Judgment House by Gilbert Parker