Synonyms for Forced:


bound (adjective)
compelled (adjective)
compulsory, strained (adjective)
artificial, Coerced, enforced, bound, constrained, involuntary, stiff, coercive, false, unnatural, contrived, affected.
forcible (adjective)
ostentatious (adjective)
histrionic, boastful, showy, formal, flourishing, dramatic, blatant, garish, grandiose, stilted, grandiloquent, opulent, pompous, ostentatious, fussy, dashing, sensational, flamboyant, gaudy, splashy, snazzy, flagrant, jaunty, shameless, affected, Flaunting, flashy, ornate, rakish, exhibitionistic, vain.
pretentious (adjective)
posing, counterfeit, Masquerading, imitation, fraudulent, ersatz, bogus, la-di-da, overdone, ostentatious, mock, stagy, synthetic, studied, imposture, deceitful, unnatural, false, mannered, histrionic, affected, fake, pretentious, Impersonating, artificial, stilted, forged, stiff, theatrical, facade, showy.


coercive, forceful, strong-arm, coaxing, importunate, forcible, imploring. willing, compulsory. forced (noun)
constrained, unexpected, unvoluntary, involuntary, unnatural, nonvoluntary, unscheduled, affected, strained.


caused (verb)
effected, evoked, elicited, Originated, inspired, Brought, given rise to, brought about, Acted, enforced, drove, made, Caused, driven, produced, provoked, gave rise to, motivated, Generated, executed, induced, Engineered, Engendered.
compelled (verb)
Coerced, bound.
energized (verb)
recharged, empowered, sparked, Energized, Roused, revived, powered, charged, fired, activated, invigorated.
motivated (verb)
impelled, thrust, nudged, stimulated, struck, Knocked, Pushed, magnetized, fermented, Flung, Fomented, Slung, goaded, Urged, Lobbed, Hurtled, Jogged, Propelled, Threw, shot, Instigated, Prodded, heaved, Jerked, Hurled, triggered, catapulted, Punched, pitched, stricken, thrown, Bumped, moved, Poked, Shoved, Rammed, Hastened, jolted, Enticed, Jostled, Launched.
smiles (verb)
smile, sneer, grin, beam.

Other synonyms:

forcible, contrived, imploring, importunate, coercive. bound, strong-arm, effortful. forceful, compulsory.

Usage examples for forced

  1. I determined not to let him in till I was forced to it. – Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins
  2. I am here with a child, forced upon me I may say, but still as dear to me as if she were mine own. – Newton Forster by Frederick Marryat
  3. They forced open the door, and found no one at all. – Old Peter's Russian Tales by Arthur Ransome