Synonyms for Willing:


agreeable (adjective)
compatible, amiable, congenial, acquiescent, friendly, consensual, Capitulating, harmonious, agreeable, pleasant, empathetic, co-operative, likeable, assenting, concordant, understanding.
agreeable, ready (adjective)
eager, deliberate, prompt, enthusiastic, zealous, consenting, reliable, disposed, unforced, compliant, energetic, inclined, voluntary, prepared, responsible, feeling, game, amenable, active, tractable, obedient.
compliant (adjective)
adherent, compliant, servile, yielding, supporting, submissive, concurrent, conforming, obedient, meek, respectful.
enthusiastic (adjective)
fervent, motivated, hooked, keen, born-again, wholehearted, avid, mad about something.
manageable (adjective)
obedient (adjective)
obliging (adjective)
resolute (adjective)
implacable, strong-willed, reliable, resolute, deliberate, courageous, dogged, steadfast, fearless, insistent, stubborn, valiant, stern, diligent, constant, dauntless, unwavering, persistent, indefatigable, earnest, serious, bullheaded, inexorable, iron-willed, thorough, steady, zealous, tough, tenacious, loyal, intent, ruthless, steely, uncompromising, hearty, dedicated, strong-minded, tireless, bold, determined, persevering, true, spunky, indomitable, staunch, relentless, plucky, unshakeable, unyielding, committed, resolved, decided, headstrong, unbending, set, firm, unchangeable, faithful, devoted, unflinching, decisive.
servile (adjective)
Subjected, slavish, complaisant, acquiescent, obedient, menial, devoted, humble, biddable, attending, browbeaten, submissive, yielding, subordinate, deferential, servile, docile, curtsying, Genuflecting, dutiful, subservient, groveling, downtrodden, kowtowing, inferior, feudal.
willing (adjective)
flexible, receptive, adaptable, biddable, amenable, yielding, pliant, earnest, malleable, susceptible, plastic, compliant, pliable, submissive, tame, tractable, cooperative, assenting, persuadable, ductile, eager, ready, acquiescent, agreeable.


interested, prepared to do something, obliging, pleased/only too pleased to do something, delighted. game, minded. act (noun)
willing (noun)
fain, consenting, inclined, amenable, ready, lief, voluntary, uncoerced, compliant, volition, prepared, willing and able, unforced, disposed, glad, volitional.
zealous (noun)
active, responsible, enthusiastic, reluctant, prompt, energetic.

Other synonyms:

delighted, enthusiastic. game. disposed
inclined, minded, disposed.

Usage examples for willing

  1. Of course, we are willing to work for the money. – Madge Morton's Trust by Amy D. V. Chalmers
  2. I'm willing to say it here before all. – Joan of Arc of the North Woods by Holman Day
  3. " She was not willing for me to come in," said she. – The Living Link by James De Mille