Synonyms for Hard:


adverse (adjective)
grievous, adverse, opposing, burdensome, calamitous, tragic, detrimental, woeful, troublesome, catastrophic, inauspicious, untoward, unlucky, perilous, difficult, unfavorable, unfriendly, disastrous, miserable, antipathetic, unfortunate, distressful, unpropitious.
bony (adjective)
certain (adjective)
inarguable, incontestable, undisputable.
depressing (adjective)
difficult (adjective)
onerous, arduous, tricky, rough, demanding, bothersome, knotty, burdensome, difficult, wearisome, formidable, oppressive, severe, wearing, uphill, contrary, cantankerous, trying, stressful, tough, harsh, thorny, stiff, tight, finicky, fussy, troublesome, cumbersome, complicated, strenuous, rugged, complex, grinding, toilsome, ticklish, adverse, wearying, laborious.
effortful (adjective)
flinty (adjective)
hard (adjective)
solid, rigid, stiff, callous, firm.
insensitive (adjective)
hardened, nonchalant, emotionless, ruthless, apathetic, passive, hard-boiled, unemotional, unsympathetic, cool, unfeeling, numb, objective, cold-blooded, insensitive, unconcerned, blunt, indifferent, hardhearted, stony, passionless, tough, detached, callous, heartless, aloof, anesthetized, uncompassionate, dispassionate.
intoxicating (adjective)
obstinate (adjective)
positive (adjective)
resentful (adjective)
rocklike (adjective)
callous, unyielding, rocky, tough, stony, dense, hardened, set, thick, strong, solid, adamantine, stiff, packed, firm, rigid.
rocky (adjective)
petrous, rocklike, stonelike.
severe (adjective)
exacting, grim, severe.
solid (adjective)
set, firm, concrete, unyielding, substantial, stable, dense, solid, physical.
tenacious (adjective)
indefatigable, persistent, persevering, bulldogged, stubborn, determined, obdurate, true, courageous, insistent, strong-willed, steadfast, flintlike, tough, resolute, devoted, enduring, hearty, indomitable, bold, faithful, stony, decisive, fervent, staunch, undaunted, unflagging, diligent, obstinate, dogged, plucky, dauntless, strong, bullheaded, brave, stiff, tenacious, headstrong, spunky, tireless.
true, indisputable (adjective)
practical, definite, positive, sure, undeniable, pragmatic, realistic, down-to-earth.


all (adverb)
in a fixed manner (adverb)
tight, firmly.
with determination (adverb)
with difficulty (adverb)
laboriously, carefully.
with great force (adverb)
heavily, severely, vigorously.


authentic, definite, definitely. evil, monstrous, hateful, active. fearless, audacious, daring, strenuously, vigorously, heroic, laboriously, carefully. FULL BORE, concerted, as if your life depends on it, by the sweat of your brow, painstaking, resist, all-out, flat out, incompressible, last-ditch. hardy, hard-bitten, be an effort, Hard-handed, continue. frost, icy, icicle, black ice, sharp, taxing, exacting, effortful, glare ice, exigent, ice over. dour, bleak, hot, grim, attitude. comfort, bitter. stonyhearted, Cold-hearted, compassionless. rancorous, virulent, love, embittered, acrimonious, resentful. incontrovertible, sure, certain, undeniable, positive, irrefutable, undisputable, inarguable, indubitable, unquestionable, indisputable, incontestable. real, factual. practical, sober, down-to-earth, tough-minded, realistic, prosaic, unromantic, excite, pragmatical, matter of fact, pragmatic, hardheaded. ingestion, spirituous, intoxicative. alcoholic (noun)
stimulating, intoxicating.
compact (noun)
unyielding, thick.
cruel (noun)
perverse, unrelenting, vengeful.

Other synonyms:

pragmatic, acrimonious, prosaic, frosty, saline, undeniable, disagreeable, indisputable, strenuously, powerful, packed, irrefutable, frost, dour, incompressible, vigorously, realistic, down-to-earth, factual, incontrovertible, exacting, embittered. hardheaded, unquestionable, evil, practical, moist, hardy, exigent, matter of fact, grim. taxing, virulent, sober, bitter, hefty, wet, bleak. positive, crisp. awful. cold. certain. sharp. Other relevant words:
hardheaded, hefty, cruel, spirituous, rigorous, stonyhearted, grim, unrelenting, hard-bitten, hardy, callous, alcoholic, heavy, unyielding, dour.

Usage examples for hard

  1. Had he perhaps been too hard – Quicksands by Adolph Streckfuss
  2. Too hard upon him! – The Comedies of Terence by Publius Terentius Afer
  3. " I-" " So hard is it? – The Henchman by Mark Lee Luther