Synonyms for Waterless:


arid (adjective)
bone-dry, Moistureless.
dry (adjective)
arid, anhydrous, Moistureless.
moistureless (adjective)
sere (adjective)


Moistureless, anhydrous, bone-dry, sere. waterless (noun)
arid, dry.

Other synonyms:

bone-dry, anhydrous, Moistureless. sere. Other relevant words:
Moistureless, anhydrous, arid, sere.

Usage examples for waterless

  1. Imagine a vast limestone plateau, varying in height from 700 to 2, 500 feet, which is as treeless and waterless as the deserts of Chihuahua, as desolate and forbidding as the Dakota Bad Lands, with a surface as torn and twisted and jagged as the lava beds of Utah, and with a summer climate like that of Death Valley in July. – Italy at War and the Allies in the West by E. Alexander Powell
  2. My initial reaction was amazement at the ability of the devilgrass to make its way so rapidly across a sterile and waterless waste. – Greener Than You Think by Ward Moore