Synonyms for Actual:


all (adjective)
existent (adjective)
present, study at.
existing at the present time (adjective)
exact, current, extant, original, existent.
literal (adjective)
authentic, exact, precise, literal, accurate, verbatim, explicit, overt, prosaic.
real (adjective)
real, honest, sincere, genuine, true, solid, concrete, tangible, factual, veritable, substantial, authentic.
substantial (adjective)
material, real, substantive, meaningful, palpable, substantial, considerable, significant, important, sturdy, united, solid, bodily, firm, physical, tangible, immanent, appreciable.
true (adjective)
truly existing, real (adjective)
indubitable, genuine, kosher, factual, substantive, physical, authentic, substantial, concrete, tangible, realistic, true.
unimaginative (adjective)


in reality (adverb)
de facto.


any, awful, e'er, bloody, actively, even, awfully, e'en, entirely. positively, extant, believe it or not, strangely enough, it just so happens that, really, the fact remains that, be, on the contrary, I can tell you. indubitable, bona fide, original, objective, realistic, kosher, undoubted, apparent, good, real world. actual (noun)
effective, de facto, existent, current, real, factual, actualised, literal, actualized, true, genuine, very.

Other synonyms:

bloody, any, awfully, positively, objective, e'en. bona fide, even, indubitable, actively, entirely, undoubted, extant. awful, really. original. good. Other relevant words:
be, really, bona fide, even, actively, undoubted, indubitable, positively, real world, bloody, e'en, kosher, de facto, actualised, existent, awfully, extant, very, awful, any, objective, present, realistic, current, entirely, original, good, apparent, effective, actualized.

Usage examples for actual

  1. She could bring him nothing; and she had a curious picture of two Lindas visible to him here- the Linda that was actual and the other, the child. – Linda Condon by Joseph Hergesheimer