Synonyms for Impeding:


counter (adjective)
contradictory, hindering, obstructive, conflicting.
deterring (adjective)
deterrent, discouraging, Hampering.
disturbing (adjective)
depressing, burdensome.
hindering (adjective)
Fouling, blocking, crippling, Deterring, burdensome, Handicapping, Damming, Entrapping, Snagging, Delaying, Detaining, inhibiting, bottleneck, restricting, Entangling, Restraining, thwarting, Resisting, Complicating, choking, Encumbering, hindering, Clogging, Snarling, Tangling, Obstructing, Cramping, congesting, constraining, frustrating, constipating, Crimping, baffling.
meddlesome (adjective)
meddling, Encumbering, Interrupting.
oppositional (adjective)
obstructive, Disputing, inhibiting, Counteracting, challenging, protesting, oppositional, Resisting, crossing, repressing, repelling, hindering, confrontational, counterattacking, Repulsing, conflicting, antagonizing, interfering, defiant, Objecting, Suppressing, contradictory, Rebuffing.
stopping (adjective)


counterproductive, deterrent, holding. impeding (noun)
obstructive, hindering, preventative, Clogging, preventive.


de-motivating (verb)
stifling, throttling, disheartening, de-motivating, daunting, discouraging, Disinclining, Dissuading, dampening, depressing.
hindering (verb)
dragging, Bunging, Hamstringing, Hampering, jamming, stopping, barring, Staying, Plugging, curbing, Impairing, Paralyzing, bottlenecking, Burdening, fettering, braking, Interrupting, Miring, catching.
opposing (verb)
Counteracting, confronting, Obstructing, opposing, Rebuffing, repelling, counterattacking, Objecting, Contradicting, challenging, fighting, Checking, conflicting, Disputing, Resisting, protesting, hindering, disagreeing, Intercepting, meddling, repressing, antagonizing, Repulsing, countering, Suppressing, crossing, interfering, inhibiting, Oppressing, Defying.
restraining (verb)
confining, Collaring, Bridling, Shackling, controlling, Leashing, binding, Tethering, constricting.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
deterrent, counterproductive, holding, preventive, preventative.

Usage examples for impeding

  1. So great was the excitement of the people on receiving the announcement, that it became necessary to plant sentries, in order to prevent their rushing to the well and impeding the work of the diggers. – Narratives of Shipwrecks of the Royal Navy; between 1793 and 1849 by William O. S. Gilly