Synonyms for Nice:


difficult (adjective)
fastidious (adjective)
particular, overnice.
friendly (adjective)
spontaneous, welcoming, warm, cordial, likable, friendly.
good (adjective)
fine, splendid, first-rate, praiseworthy, five-star, commendable, laudable, pleasant, admirable, beneficial, excellent, worthy, good, exemplary, worthwhile, favorable, benign, topnotch.
likable, agreeable (adjective)
genial, cordial, commendable, pleasurable, amiable, admirable, delightful, helpful, considerate, prepossessing, favorable, gentle, winning, kindly, polite, ingratiating, inviting, friendly, charming, winsome, kind, pleasant, gracious, welcome, superior, courteous, good, obliging, lovely, attractive.
pleasing (adjective)


slick, artful, tight, accomplished, masterly, workmanlike, barnstorming, masterful, skillfully. like, grateful, pleasurable, congenial, high-minded, satisfying, welcome, gratifying, irreproachable. braw, bonny. high-grade, ability. de rigueur, right, proper, befitting, courtesy, correct. virtuous, restraint, chaste, virginal. accurate (noun)
exact, correct, right, accurate, particular.
nice (noun)
good, courteous, respectable, decent, prissy, pleasant, polite, discriminating, squeamish, precise, gracious, discriminate, fastidious, skillful, dainty, overnice.


approved (verb)
superior, likable.

Other synonyms:

considerate, pleasurable, masterly, finical, high-grade, finicky, relaxing, braw, artful, picky, barnstorming, accurate, detailed, de rigueur, restful, workmanlike, virginal. gentle, kind, bonny, gratifying, accomplished, persnickety, attractive, masterful, kindly, tight, satisfying, choosy, agreeable, lovely. meticulous, pleasing, congenial, virtuous, exacting, befitting, grateful. chaste. welcome, proper. modest. right. enchanting

Usage examples for nice

  1. " It's nice of you to give me the very first thing I ask for," she said. – The Safety Curtain, and Other Stories by Ethel M. Dell
  2. " Nice work," said Bat. – Ashton-Kirk, Criminologist by John T. McIntyre
  3. A nice time for that sort of thing. – Wanderers by Knut Hamsun