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shallow - 69 results
shallow (adjective)

skin-deep, epidermal, superficial, cursory, surface.

Examples of usage:

Their boat swung around in the shallow water, and did not move any more. - "Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue", Laura Lee Hope.

Perhaps they can tell us what the snail is doing here- It's very unusual for him to be in shallow water like this. - "The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle", Hugh Lofting.

I have searched all the shallow part so closely that I doubt whether even a sixpence could escape me, unless it were buried in the mud or pebbles. - "Erema My Father's Sin", R. D. Blackmore.

Similar words:

shallow-draft, shallot, shallon, shallowly, shallu, Shalom Asch, shall, shapley, shannon.

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