Synonyms for Noted:


famous, eminent (adjective)
distinguished, illustrious, notable, notorious, well-known, celebrated, renowned, prominent.
recorded (adjective)
Filed, cataloged.
tabulated (adjective)
Counted, registered, recorded, cataloged, listed, totaled, budgeted, Indexed, checked, recounted, collected, Logged, tabled, Audited, journaled, Inventoried, Enumerated, Invoiced, summarized, Summed, Tabulated, Filed, detailed, historical, scheduled, documented, stored, Chronicled, Tallied, itemized.
written (adjective)


infamous, fabled, the one and only, legendary. prestigious, knowledge, prominent, great, respect, redoubtable, distinguished, eminent, preeminent. famous (noun)
well-known, study at famous, notorious.
noted (noun)
notable, illustrious, noticeable, far-famed, Famed, renowned, celebrated, famous, known.


chronicled (verb)
Accounted, Journalized, archived, Enumerated, clocked, registered, Logged, minuted, Inventoried, cataloged, recorded, Chronicled, Indexed.
indicated (verb)
stamped, pointed, Signaled, Betokened, Motioned, marked, alerted, nudged, Nodded, Gesticulated, Gestured, Flagged, tagged, branded, Beckoned, Symbolized, Denoted, labeled, designated, Shrugged, pointed out, Indicated, Ticketed, Waved, Winked.
listed (verb)
Audited, Filed, collected, listed, checked, stored, tabled, booked, summarized, Tabulated, detailed, digested, Tallied, Scored, itemized, budgeted, totaled, Counted, Invoiced, documented, recounted, scheduled.
recorded (verb)
transcribed, Entered, inscribed.

Other synonyms:

distinguished, prestigious. preeminent, redoubtable, eminent. prominent. eminent
famous, well-known.
Other relevant words:
fabled, Famed, celebrated, great, legendary, noticeable, respect, redoubtable, notable, notorious, well-known, far-famed, prestigious, distinguished, renowned, prominent, infamous, famous, preeminent, illustrious, knowledge, known, eminent.

Usage examples for noted

  1. She listened, moreover, with an intelligence which he noted – Tomaso's Fortune and Other Stories by Henry Seton Merriman
  2. I noted the fact. – The Red Planet by William J. Locke
  3. If Mademoiselle de Bellefeuille had noted her mother's face she might have seen what no one ever will see- Death laughing. – A Second Home by Honore de Balzac