Synonyms for Abided:


abided (verb)
Undergone, experienced, Tolerated, Lasted, Borne, put up with, Persisted, Suffered, Tarried, Persevered, Underwent, gone on, went on, bore, Remained, Endured, continued, Lingered.
continued (verb)
protracted, sustained, maintained, prolonged, extended.
existed (verb)
Subsisted, Existed, had been, Lived, Occurred, Was, Prevailed.
lived (verb)
Survived, Dwelled, Resided.
persevered (verb)

Usage examples for abided

  1. Drawing a sealed packet from his coat- pocket, he handed it to the baroness with a low bow, saying: " I would draw your attention to the fact once more, dear madam, that I have abided by the price named by yourself, in making this sale, although I am still of the opinion that it is below its value." – Old Fritz and the New Era by Louise Muhlbach
  2. If you have abided with the book, patiently, confidently, energetically, taking plenty of time to work over into your practical life its teachings and directions, you have invoked that law, and, soon or late, you will find yourself a new soul and successful, provided you do not nullify the law by dropping out of your career the practical use of the lessons herein given. – Mastery of Self by Frank Channing Haddock
  3. Now back of all my weaknesses and folly I had, as I have said, some of the sense of honour and proud rectitude of my father, who strictly abided by his creed and his conscience. – Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker by S. Weir Mitchell