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Other synonyms:

top-level, sniffy, stellar, upper-level, high-hat, passe-partout, dynamite, more exalted, lovely, junior, transcendent, lordly, A1, maestro, arch, workmate, eminent, pompous, wide, brave, haughty, veteran, presuming, preeminent, self-satisfied, supercilious, jim-dandy, preferable, bonny, shining, over, victor, pukka, top-shelf, lofty, spiffing, top-hole, prestigious, of higher rank, noble, senior, superordinate, consultant, patronising, hot, brilliant, bang-up, blue-ribbon, important, intellectual, commanding, well-made, exceeding, fine, vast, distinguished, illustrious, counterpart, master key, overweening, imperious, beautiful, superordinate word, champion, high, assumptive, peachy, relief, ace, associate, lord, elevated, highfalutin, radical, excellent, prime, arrogant, high-level, five-star, subordinate, cool, dominant, original, prize, huge, huffish, top-ranking, proud, groovy, high up, disdainful, superscript, self-opinionated, unsurpassed, uppish, down, tops, number one, conceited, so much the better, superb, king-size, pucka, topnotch, higher-ranking, brag, noble, bully, pretentious, topmost, patronizing, masterful, uppity, four-star, high-ranking, heavenly, top-of-the-line, aloft, luminous, select, in ascendency, A-OK, an improvement on something, high-handed, divine, supreme, toplofty, topping, neat, corking, frontline, boffo, prizewinning, self-assertive, awesome, gangbusters, the intelligentsia, dandy, headmaster, tiptop, unaffected, majestic, common, preferred, first-rate, upper, a-one, redoubtable, B-list, premium, keen, prideful, below, gilt-edged, capital, lordly, genteel, unhoped-for, out-of-sight, nifty, specialist, quality, superlative, supernal, mean, ranking, pundit, banner, first class, self-asserting, egocentric, fantabulous, expert, peachy keen, haughty, cracking, higher-up, numero uno, par excellence, skipper, grand, greatest, co-worker, master, bumptious, dope, primo, passkey, slick, famous, lake superior, fab, first-string, crackerjack, high-class, overlord, authority, good, sea captain, condescending, wizard, professional, boss, plum, outstanding, hype, cushdy, blue-chip, astral, stiff-necked, high-and-mighty, master copy, huffy, highfalutin, opposite number, righteous, a cut above, top-notch, bumper, lofty, immodest, bright, choice, colleague, surpassing, enormous, schoolmaster, tip-top, chesty, olympian, A-list, vain, peremptory, great, gone, immense, phat, presumptuous, high-performance, swell, crack, singular, super, born, observer, hypernym, top-flight, captain, big, improved, cavalier, terrific, large, leading, sterling, finer.

Examples of usage:

In other words, the great problem of society is how to recognize superior minds and put them in authority. - "The Book of Life: Vol. I Mind and Body; Vol. II Love and Society", Upton Sinclair.

" I have never known any superior to them," said Elizabeth. - "Hills of the Shatemuc", Susan Warner.

Think of the little one, and let us be thankful that we belong to a superior race. - "Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances", Juliana Horatia Ewing.

Similar words:

supervisor, supervisor call instruction, superpower, supertax, supervise, supplier, Tarquinius Superbus, supervisory program, supervisory routine, Todea Superba.

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