Synonyms for Set:


beyond question (adjective)
certain (adjective)
absolute, assured, certain, clear, confident, convinced, decided, decisive, definite, doubtless, incontestable, incontrovertible, indisputable, indubitable, irrefutable, patent, positive, steadfast, sure, trusting, undeniable, undoubted, unequivocal, unmistakable, unquestionable, veritable, Irrefragable.
congealed (adjective)
congealed, hardened, jelled, solidified, thickened.
controlled (adjective)
decided (adjective)
agreed, arranged, certain, concluded, decisive, definite, determined, established, firm, fixed, immovable, intent, obstinate, resolute, resolved, scheduled, settled, steadfast, stubborn.
fast (adjective)
firm, hardened; inflexible (adjective)
jelled, located, placed, situate, situated, solid, stable, unyielding, positioned.
hardened (adjective)
located (adjective)
obstinate (adjective)
resolute (adjective)
bold, bullheaded, committed, constant, courageous, dauntless, dedicated, deliberate, determined, devoted, diligent, dogged, earnest, faithful, fearless, firm, headstrong, hearty, implacable, indefatigable, indomitable, inexorable, insistent, intent, loyal, persevering, persistent, plucky, relentless, reliable, resolute, resolved, ruthless, serious, spunky, staunch, steady, steely, stern, strong-minded, strong-willed, stubborn, tenacious, thorough, tireless, tough, true, unbending, unchangeable, uncompromising, unflinching, unwavering, unyielding, valiant, willing, zealous, iron-willed, unshakeable, decided, decisive, steadfast.
rocklike (adjective)
solid (adjective)
concrete, dense, hard, physical, substantial, firm, solid, stable.
special (adjective)
stable (adjective)
changeless, consistent, continuous, durable, immovable, invariable, permanent, solid, stable, constant, firm, persistent, steadfast, steady.


abstract, central, conceptual, deterministic, metaphysical, nonconformist, orthodox, popular, theoretical, utopian. affect, bring out, impact, insert, interact, take effect, come into play, make a difference. anchor, bloody-minded, closed, conservative, intolerant, introduce, narrow-minded, opinionated. commission, organization, panel, police, stiffen, Support Group, flash mob, flash mobbing. aerial, antenna, camera, cathode-ray tube, clock radio, communications satellite, crt, dab, decoder, estimate, price, value, cue card. aerobic, aerobics, bend, bodybuilding, calisthenics, lock, chin up, aquarobics, boxercise, circuit training, the burn. agglomeration, arsenal, bale, bank, battery, begin, commence, initiate. agreed, binding, broad, broadly, consensual, contractual, hatch, hover, incubate, produce, qualified, renewable, unanimous, be understood. aisle, apron, auditorium, backcloth, backdrop, backstage, balcony, box, box office, rise. alarm, automate, close, disconnect, ground, Emplace, hook into. alfresco, attune, celebratory, frugal, heavy, help, light, satisfying, slap-up, sit down. alpine, annual, bean, bedding plant, brassica, bush, cactus, cereal, climber, clone, spread. agree, attainable, conclude, doable, feasible, in principle, may, negotiate, possible, practicable, viable, humanly possible, be able to do something. anaesthetize, anesthetize, approximate, attend, bandage, bleed, bring back, bypass, catch, catheterize, cauterize, precise, reckon. come up, eclipse, full moon, go in, head, orbit, seek, turn, wax, zero in. Arabic Numeral, arithmetic progression, base, clot, coefficient, common multiple, computation, cube, cube root, curdle, gelatinize, jelly, common factor. cake, choreograph, convene, dry, hold, indurate, petrify. approach, atomize, bake, boil, boil over, break down, bubble, cloud, embark, enter, get cracking, get going, get off, inaugurate, kick off, lead off, open, set-to, start, take on, undertake, take up, boil away, boil up, get the show on the road. attitude, bearing, carriage, deportment, poise, stance. get down, record, set down, transcribe, write, copy down, commit something to paper/writing, put pen to paper. belong, concentrate, exist, lie, occupy, stand, there is/are etc.. ankle, backbone, ball-and-socket joint, bone, bone marrow, breastbone, cheekbone, clavicle, coccyx, collarbone. barbershop, blow-dry, braid, comb, crimp, comb out, cornrow, backcomb. appraise, bargain, beat down, bottom out, bounce back, cap, cheapen, climb, Capping. bead, charm, clasp, facet, setting. bedding, burrow, den, earth, habitat, lair, lodge, molehill, rabbit warren. bring about, catalyze, create, invent, start-off, trigger, set off. boss around, command, dictate, instruct, push around, require, tell, order around, tax with. bill, curtain call, encore, finale, intermission, interval, material, opener, repertoire, grand finale. capitalise, capitalize, copperplate, dotted line, font, galley, full page. bookmark, encyclopaedic, encyclopedic, fiction, hardbound, pop up, bookends, bookrest, loose-leaf. borderline, candidate, certificate, crib, exam, examination, examiner, mock, cheat sheet, crib note. coach, induct, lecture, teach, tutor. brittle, cheesy, gummy, humorless, humourless, lazy, mirthless, MONA LISA. contain, curb, cure, keep down. crease, creep, cross, crumple, express, falter, flash, furrow, gleam. clock in, clock off, go back, punch in, punch out, put back, put forward, reset, time. impenetrable, packed, rock-hard. poised, in the wings, on (full) alert, on the point of doing something, on the verge of something. attitude (noun)
category (noun)
breed, caste, category, classification, degree, denomination, designation, feather, genotype, genus, grain, ilk, kind, kingdom, label, level, line, mold, people, persuasion, phylum, race, series, species, stamp, step, stock, strain, stripe, style, taxonomy, variety, Family.
collection (noun)
assortment, bloc, college, corps, council, federation, formation, medley, mix, omnium-gatherum, partnership, salad, stew.
combination (noun)
crew (noun)
aggregation, army, assemblage, assembly, band, battalion, bevy, body, brigade, bunch, cabal, cadre, caucus, cell, circle, clan, clique, club, coalition, collection, colony, company, complement, coterie, covey, crew, crowd, detachment, detail, division, drove, faction, fellowship, fleet, flock, force, fraternity, gang, herd, hive, host, junta, league, litter, mob, nest, outfit, pack, party, phalanx, platoon, posse, regiment, retinue, ring, school, sect, society, squad, staff, string, team, tribe, troop, troupe, union, wing.
determined (noun)
group, assortment (noun)
array, assemblage, band, body, bunch, circle, clan, class, clique, collection, company, coterie, crew, crowd, faction, gang, mob, organization, outfit, pack, sect, series.
physical bearing (noun)
attitude, carriage, deportment, fit, position, turn.
school (noun)
social organization (noun)
stage setting (noun)
tennis (noun)
ace, advantage, alley, ball boy, break, clay, ball girl, break point, the Davis Cup.


allot (verb)
allocate, allot, allow, apportion, budget, cut, deal, dispense, distribute, divide, earmark, give, measure, parcel, partition, portion, ration, segment, share, slice, split, Mete.
allotted (verb)
allotted, apportioned, dispensed, distributed, divided, given, measured, partitioned, rationed, segmented, shared, sliced, Allowed, Dealt, Earmarked, Gave, Meted, Parceled, Portioned, budgeted, allocated.
attribute (verb)
accredit, acknowledge, apply, ascribe, assign, attach, attribute, blame, brand, cast, cite, connect, credit, impute, mark, place, refer.
attributed (verb)
accredited, acknowledged, applied, assigned, attached, blamed, branded, connected, credited, marked, placed, Ascribed, Attributed, Cited, Imputed, Referred.
change (verb)
adapt, adjust, alter, change, convert, deviate, diversify, fluctuate, modify, modulate, mutate, reform, transfigure, transform, transit, transpose, vacillate, vary.
changed (verb)
adapted, adjusted, altered, changed, converted, diversified, modified, modulated, reformed, transformed, transposed, varied, Deviated, Fluctuated, Transfigured, Vacillated, transited, mutated.
communication (verb)
compensate (verb)
balance, cancel, compensate, correct, counteract, counterbalance, neutralize, nullify, offset, square, tune.
compensated (verb)
balanced, compensated, corrected, counterbalanced, neutralized, nullified, squared, tuned, Canceled, Counteracted, offsetted.
congeal (verb)
coagulate, congeal, harden, jell, solidify, thicken.
congealed (verb)
coagulated, congealed, hardened, jelled, solidified, thickened.
decide upon (verb)
allocate, allot, assign, conclude, decree, dictate, estimate, instruct, make, ordain, price, rate, regulate, schedule, value.
enact (verb)
decree, enact, legislate, ordain.
enacted (verb)
decreed, ordained, Enacted, Legislated.
harden (verb)
cake, clot, coagulate, congeal, gelatinize, jell, jelly, solidify, stiffen, thicken.
locate (verb)
discover, find, lay, locate, pinpoint, position, post, put, situate, spot, station, unearth.
located (verb)
discovered, found, located, posted, situated, spotted, Unearthed, Stationed, positioned, pinpointed.
order (verb)
arrange, array, categorize, chart, class, classify, collate, compose, control, design, devise, establish, fix, form, frame, grade, group, harmonize, integrate, maintain, marshal, mediate, normalize, orchestrate, order, organize, pigeonhole, plan, plot, prepare, program, rank, rate, rationalize, regulate, right, schedule, schematize, scheme, score, screen, separate, settle, shape, sift, sort, stabilize, stratify, structure, subordinate, support, systematize, type, unify, unsnarl, Methodize.
ordered (verb)
arranged, arrayed, categorized, classified, composed, controlled, designed, established, fixed, formed, framed, graded, grouped, harmonized, integrated, maintained, mediated, orchestrated, ordered, organized, planned, plotted, prepared, ranked, regulated, scheduled, separated, settled, shaped, sorted, stabilized, stratified, structured, supported, systematized, typed, unified, unsnarled, Charted, Classed, Devised, Marshalled, Methodized, Rated, Righted, Schemed, Scored, Screened, Sifted, Collated, Subordinated, rationalized, programmed, normalized, pigeonholed, schematized.
position, place (verb)
anchor, apply, arrange, cast, establish, fix, head, insert, introduce, lay, level, locate, lock, lodge, post, prepare, put, settle, spread, station, zero in.
prepare (verb)
construct, curry, develop, draft, dress, equip, fabricate, fashion, fit, formulate, foster, furnish, make, mobilize, prime, ready.
prepared (verb)
developed, dressed, equipped, fabricated, fashioned, formulated, fostered, furnished, made, outfitted, primed, Drafted, Fitted, Mobilized, Constructed, Curried, readied, warmed up.
start, incite (verb)
begin, commence, initiate.

Other synonyms:

bead, celebratory, clock in, clock off, exist, frugal, gelatinize, indurate, punch out, satisfying, slap-up, stiffen, Emplace, sit down. alfresco, belong, cake, clot, concentrate, crimp, curdle, estimate, facet, punch in, put back. approximate, battery, jelly, organization, packed, petrify, poise, poised, reset, setting. attune, negotiate, occupy, put forward, reckon. go back, lie, lodge. charm, lock. heavy, light. head. stand. time. spread. turn. begin
get going, kick off.
coagulate, thicken.
get down.
zero in.
harden, indurate, solidify.
located, situate.
state of mind
Other relevant words:
anchor, attitude, attune, battery, bearing, bend, cake, close, clot, concrete, head, lie, lodge, reset, stand, turn.

Usage examples for set

  1. And he set about at once to act upon it. – The Desert of Wheat by Zane Grey
  2. That was the work set before them. – Five Stages of Greek Religion by Gilbert Murray
  3. I'll stop at home to- morrow and take a look over the whole set – Wilfrid Cumbermede by George MacDonald