Synonyms for Accredited:


all (adjective)
commissioned, licenced, licensed.
approved (adjective)
authorized (adjective)
officially recognized (adjective)
certified, authorized.


brisk, business-to-business, brick-and-mortar, anticompetitive, collective, certified, all-night, big, bloated, approved, business. ambassadorial, consul, diplomacy, Charge D'affaires, diplomat, ambassador, diplomatic, attache, chancellery. accredited (noun)
authorized, licenced, authorised, licensed, commissioned.


attributed (verb)
assigned, acknowledged, Imputed, attached, Referred, Attributed, marked, applied, set, branded, Cited, placed, Ascribed, connected, cast, credited, blamed.
credited (verb)
mortgaged, entrusted, Loaned, trusted.

Other synonyms:

bloated, business-to-business, Charge D'affaires, anticompetitive, attache, diplomacy, diplomat, diplomatic, consul, all-night, collective, chancellery, brick-and-mortar, ambassadorial. brisk, ambassador. business, big. certified
Other relevant words:
authorised, licensed, certified, ambassadorial, consul, commissioned, diplomatic, chancellery, brick-and-mortar, all-night, approved, authorized, business-to-business, diplomat, diplomacy, licenced.

Usage examples for accredited

  1. Such conceptions are empty of historical content in the philosophic sense; and when we are dealing with the accredited heroes of the Spirit- that is to say, with the Saints- they are particularly common and particularly poisonous. – The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day by Evelyn Underhill
  2. Ultimately they will be accredited with the salvation of the Russian State. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various