Synonyms for Union:


all (adjective)


equity, executive, COSATU, america, labor, the AFL-CIO, closed shop, ACTU, the CBI, brother, chapel, united states. part, commission, flash mobbing, flash mob, panel, police, Support Group. composite, secure, assemble, tie, fasten, fix, pin, compound, clip, attach. guild, congress, the Allies, order, allied, the Battle of Britain, Auschwitz, organization, antebellum, armistice day, sorority, Benedict Arnold, the Berlin Wall, the Bay of Pigs, the Axis. connect, politics, attachment, Anschluss. betrothal, bridal party, agree, bridal shower, bridal, bride, bachelorette party, betrothed, best man, bachelor party. seam, the UAE, benelux, the U.K., the Balkans, the British Isles, the Pacific Rim, superstate, sa, commonwealth. agreement (noun)
co-operation (noun)
concord, concurrence, reciprocation, alliance, overlap, teamwork, collusion, partnership, co-operation, association, collaboration, participation.
cohesion (noun)
connectedness, unity, integrity, congruity, adherence, connection, integration, coherence, cohesion, Indivisibility, conformity, consistency, Inseparability, cohesiveness, continuity, solidarity, indissolubility.
collection (noun)
council, college, corps, salad, assortment, medley, bloc, stew, omnium-gatherum, formation, mix.
combination (noun)
conjugation, medley.
concurrence (noun)
synchronism, co-action, tandem, cooperation, synergy.
confederation (noun)
confederation, federation.
group with shared interest, cause (noun)
confederation, brotherhood, order, society, trade union, alliance, coalition, congress, club, association, federation, labor union, league, guild.
integration (noun)
combination, composition, amalgamation, consolidation.
marriage (noun)
man and wife, marriage, wedding, banns, matrimony, wedlock, espousal, troth, Betrothment, conjugation, elopement, nuptials.
merger, joining (noun)
concurrence, compound, concord, uniting, amalgamation, coupling, combination, unity, unification, consolidation, seam.
mixture (noun)
monopoly (noun)
monopoly, pool, cartel, trust.
sexual activity (noun)
climax, bonk, blow job, encounter, buggery, coitus, ejaculation.
social organization (noun)
unification (noun)
union (noun)
marriage, sum, organised, brotherhood, conglutination, matrimony, unification, organized, trade union, jointure, north, closed, mating, join, unionized, wedlock, northern, conjugation, pairing, sexual union, uniting, unionised, trades union, labor union, coupling, federal.
unity (noun)
entireness, oneness, congruence, sameness, completeness, identity, purity, embodiment, intactness, homogeneity, coincidence, atom, fundamentality, element, holism, simplicity, singleness, entirety.

Other synonyms:

Anschluss. guild, sorority. congress. attachment. organization. order. joint
sexual intercourse

Usage examples for union

  1. Finally, ses he, " Wal, Majer, will we have to give up the Union after all?" – Letters of Major Jack Downing, of the Downingville Militia by Seba Smith
  2. What is that Union – Union and Democracy by Allen Johnson
  3. Arch's Union also made progress. – From Crow-Scaring to Westminster; an Autobiography by George Edwards M.P., O.B.E.