Synonyms for Detachment:


distant, in a dream, vacantly, inattentive, in a world of your own, neglectful, abstracted, preoccupied, absent, spaced-out. command, patrol, contingent, advance guard, organization, cavalry. assemble, uncoupling. divorcement, Disseverance, Disseverment, disunion, severance, disjuncture, parting. attitude, include, distance, near, concern. fair-mindedness, fairness, fair, Impartialness, justness, Equitableness, nonpartisanship, justice. corps, unit. alienation (noun)
extraneousness, alienation, remoteness, dissociation, breach, segregation, irrelevance, other, foreignness, separation, difference, disjunction, inapplicability.
aloofness (noun)
indifference, coldness, remoteness, impartiality, coolness, unconcern, objectivity, preoccupation, neutrality, Incuriosity, disinterestedness, dreaminess, nonpartisanship.
boredom (noun)
lack of interest.
crew (noun)
coalition, hive, band, troupe, army, company, battalion, crowd, squad, staff, junta, assembly, sect, group, phalanx, troop, tribe, force, collection, fellowship, coterie, clan, mob, faction, fraternity, regiment, club, league, ring, cell, union, nest, litter, flock, aggregation, herd, bevy, complement, party, body, set, posse, team, gang, drove, wing, caucus, pack, brigade, platoon, string, society, retinue, clique, division, bunch, host, fleet, cadre, covey, detail, school, colony, cabal, crew, assemblage, outfit, circle.
detachment (noun)
insularism, separation, withdrawal, disengagement, insulation, breakup, insularity.
disconnection (noun)
dissolution, disunion, disengagement, separation, divorce, partition, divorcement, division.
disinterestedness (noun)
disinterest, impartiality.
disjunction (noun)
disassembly, Disarticulation, disintegration, disassociation, cut, amputation, dissection, cleavage, fissure, break, split, part, incision, partition, rent, disengagement, divorce, slice, bisection, disunity, disconnection.
dispersion (noun)
dislocation, disbursement, evaporation, diffusion, dispersal, refraction, divergence, breakup, distribution, evanescence, scattering, dispersion, radiation, dissolution, diffraction.
extraneousness (noun)
inadmissibility, strangeness, inappropriateness, disaffiliation, outlandishness, impertinence.
feeling (noun)
inattention (noun)
aloofness, befuddlement, disregard, carelessness, unconsciousness, lack of interest, inattention, obliviousness, forgetfulness, thoughtlessness, negligence, heedlessness, Inobservance, Incuriosity, distraction, dreaminess, preoccupation, unconcern, lapse, disregardfulness, oversight, absent-mindedness, disinterestedness, indifference, inadvertence, absence, apathy.
incuriosity (noun)
insouciance, Incuriousness, dispassionateness.
indifference (noun)
laxity, Perfunctoriness, lukewarmness, halfheartedness, unwillingness, coldness.
insensitivity (noun)
hardheartedness, Stoniness, passivity, passionlessness, dispassion, emotionlessness, nonchalance, heartlessness, numbness, bluntness, ruthlessness, Objectiveness, cold-bloodedness, toughness, insensitivity, coolness, callousness, insensitiveness, hardness.
justice (noun)
justness (noun)
looseness (noun)
fuzziness, incoherence, disjointedness, non-cohesiveness, looseness, Inconsistence, Brokenness, laxness.
military troop (noun)
detail, troupe, squad, force, unit, organization, body, party, army, patrol.
objectivity (noun)
exterior, periphery, outside, surface, objectivity.
reverie (noun)
seclusion (noun)
solitude, elimination, excommunication, extradition, aloneness, loneliness, captivity, ostracism, expatriation, seclusion, Reclusion, apartheid, rejection, anonymity, removal, confinement, exile, exclusion, isolation, standoffishness, eradication, ejection, deportation, extirpation, disbarment, xenophobia, banishment, misanthropy.
separation (noun)
disconnection, disunion, disjuncture, divorcement, disjunction.
unexcitability (noun)
reservation, self-composedness, calmness, tranquility, neutrality, placidity, staidness, composedness, easygoingness, serenity, impassiveness.

Other synonyms:

justness, cavalry, Impartialness, fair-mindedness, contingent, uncoupling, Disseverment, Equitableness, nonpartisanship, advance guard, disjuncture, divorcement, Disseverance. severance. corps, unit. command, parting. justice. distance.

Usage examples for detachment

  1. St. L. General Burgoyne, is not it a singular circumstance, that the enemy should allow us to take possession of a point like that without opposition,- so trifling a detachment too? – The Bride of Fort Edward by Delia Bacon
  2. And, to tell the truth, it was a very difficult transaction for a young man; and giving our poor Agellius all credit for pure intention and firm resolve, we really should have been very sorry to see him involved in a trial, which would have demanded of him a most heroic faith and the detachment of a saint. – Callista by John Henry Cardinal Newman
  3. The effect of detachment was the fact of the experience of Europe. – Notes of a Son and Brother by Henry James