Synonyms for Alliance:


panel, combination, commission, club, Support Group, flash mobbing, police, flash mob. conspiracy, cooperative, group, organization, network, party, cartel, bloc, corporation, band, community, combine, ring, conglomerate, company, trust, syndicate, treaty, pact. connect, Anschluss, politics. near. agreement (noun)
treaty, pact.
alliance (noun)
alinement, coalition, bond, confederation, alignment.
co-operation (noun)
concurrence, concord, collusion, co-operation, partnership, union, reciprocation, collaboration, coalition, overlap, association, teamwork, participation.
combination (noun)
companionship (noun)
concurrence (noun)
confederation (noun)
confederation, league, federation.
connection (noun)
friendly association, agreement (noun)
conjunction, coalition, relation, participation, marriage, engagement, friendship, concord, consanguinity, federation, entente, treaty, cooperation, pact, connection, concurrence, matrimony, betrothal, affiliation, collusion, support, membership, affinity, congruity, accord, collaboration, union, kinship, bond, league, partnership, combination, confederation, mutuality.
junction (noun)
relationship, connection, juxtaposition, juncture, marriage, affiliation, wedding, splice, bond, adherence, affixation, annexation, junction, meeting, consolidation, amalgamation, attachment, adjacency, abutment, conjunction, jointure, synergy, branch, connectedness, coupling, merger.
linkdef (noun)
similarity (noun)
social organization (noun)
state (noun)

Other synonyms:

cooperation, consensus, common ground, unanimity, bargain, understanding, Anschluss, deal, friendship. agreement, contract, combination. organization, cartel. coalition
family relationship
kinship, affinity.
Other relevant words:
consanguinity, alignment, congruity, understanding, bargain, affinity, group, party, conspiracy, club, band, cooperation, organization, community, trust, engagement, betrothal, company, matrimony, consensus, ring, alinement, corporation, combination, contract, cooperative, mutuality, treaty, agreement, cartel, Anschluss, kinship, relation, accord, deal, support, membership, entente, syndicate, friendship, combine, bloc, pact.

Usage examples for alliance

  1. It wasn't the Russian people who were pledged to you, with whom you were bound in alliance – The Devil's Paw by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. It was a 'sensible alliance – Running Sands by Reginald Wright Kauffman