Synonyms for Cabaret:


karaoke, light entertainment, light show, bar, burlesque, hospitality, restaurant, air show, supper club, bullfight, corporate hospitality, comedy. cafeteria, chinese, carryout, brasserie, canteen, buffet. artifact (noun)
nightclub, nightspot, club.
cabaret (noun)
floorshow, club, floor show, nightclub, nightspot.
floor show (noun)
nightclub (noun)
supper club.
nightclub with musical performances (noun)
supper club, bar.

Other synonyms:

hospitality, cafeteria, bullfight, brasserie, carryout, light entertainment, karaoke, air show, corporate hospitality, burlesque, light show. comedy, bar, buffet, canteen. chinese. eating place
Other relevant words:
cafeteria, carryout, supper club, buffet, bullfight, burlesque, chinese, canteen, bar, brasserie, hospitality, karaoke, restaurant, comedy.

Usage examples for cabaret

  1. " The last prize- fight I saw was in a sort of souteneur's cabaret in the Avenue des Tilleuls," I sweetly explained to them. – The Prairie Wife by Arthur Stringer
  2. This last was addressed with cordiality to a knot of men gathered inside the doorway of the cabaret all of whom rose politely from their chairs at Blake's entry. – Max by Katherine Cecil Thurston
  3. It is an idea caught last night in a cabaret – Max by Katherine Cecil Thurston