Synonyms for Combination:


unification, combo, jumble. organization, cohesion, federation, eclecticism, alliance. aggregate, bionic, antenatal, antibacterial, bloodless, broad-spectrum, clear, clinical, aseptic, antimalarial. order, Pass-key, code, bunch, key ring, master key, sequence, skeleton key, latchkey, succession, fob, key. association, affiliation, partnership, near, connection, conjunction. unity, assemble, conjugation. cartel, bloc, ring, party, group, coalition. alliance, association (noun)
bloc, coalition, party, federation, ring, affiliation, cartel, conjunction, partnership.
alloy (noun)
collection (noun)
combination (noun)
amalgam, mixture, medley, compound, brew, ensemble, conglomerate, admixture, conglomeration, concoction, incorporation, paste, composition, blend, commixture, fusion, mix, amalgamation, infusion, compounding, composite, hodgepodge, assembly, alloy, combining.
composition (noun)
construction, fabrication, inclusion, formation, invention, constitution, compilation, embodiment.
concurrence (noun)
synchronism, concurrence, tandem, coincidence, synergy, co-action, cooperation.
integration (noun)
union, consolidation, integration.
miscellany (noun)
mixture (noun)
decoction, meld, amalgamate, Interfusion, intermixture, mongrel, mash, potpourri, merger, elixir, blending, hybrid, stew, emulsion.
mixture, blend (noun)
brew, merger, fusion, stew, amalgamation, consolidation, order, composite, unification, medley, blending, mix, combo, connection, aggregate, sequence, union, compound, succession, amalgam.
unification (noun)

Other synonyms:

bloodless, conjunction, antibacterial, skeleton key, aseptic, broad-spectrum, combo, master key, key ring, latchkey, Pass-key, jumble, conjugation. bionic, alliance, cohesion, affiliation, cartel, connection, antimalarial. party, clinical, fob, coalition, bloc. association. code. ring, bunch, key. clear. alliance

Usage examples for combination

  1. Is not the effect they produce dependent on the number, and may not this set of pictures be compared to a set of scenes in a theatre, the effect of which is attained by combination – Modern Painting by George Moore
  2. A monkey at one end of the line and a log of wood at the other would have made the only combination calculated to get by that way. – Down the Columbia by Lewis R. Freeman