Synonyms for Stuff:


material (adjective)
essence, principle.


fact, A to Z, news, report, word, information, datum, data, findings. detail, kernel, essence, heart, nothing, irrelevance, quintessence, meat, trivia, soul, marrow, Gravamen, core, spirit, nub, non-issue, Minutiae, be, dead wood, adjunct, root, pith, gist, inessentials. good, organism, bits and pieces, chattel, lares and penates, movable, whole, possession, personal property, entity, owned, property, effect, personal effects, piece, belonging, item. feature, key, priority, timber, burning issue/question, basis, concern. cram, crowd, full, pack, tighten, medium, solid, mob, agent, wax, powder, concentrate, jam-pack, load. asset, valuables, fixed asset, appurtenance. bottle, entomb, bury, center, crate, box, bed, bag, embed. garbage, gobbledegook, nonsense, rubbish, spiel, mumbo jumbo, drivel, Double Dutch, ravings. blanch, butchery, chill, butter, butcher, blend, bone, bake, carve, beat. crime, evil, hammer blow, goad, disincentive, deterrence, deterrent, blow, kiss of death, cloud. choke, pack in. so-and-so, widget, X, thingy, whatsername, doodad, doohickey. cloth (noun)
tissue, web.
essence, substance (noun)
matter, staple, pith, principle, quintessence, meat, marrow, heart, soul.
fabric (noun)
material (noun)
ore, stock, staple, raw materials, element.
personal belongings (noun)
stuff (noun)
gormandise, clobber, engorge, shove, binge, block, gormandize, sundries, sundry, choke up, gorge, hooey, whatchamacallit, overeat, scarf out, ingurgitate, thrust, material, overgorge, whatsis, poppycock, squeeze, stuff and nonsense, englut, gourmandize, glut, pig out, satiate, overindulge, lug.
substance (noun)
material, unit, object, something, substance, matter, body, article, thing.


load with (verb)
crowd, fill, glut, pack, shove, gormandize, satiate, overindulge, choke up, squeeze, sate, cram, jam-pack, gorge.
motion (verb)
squeeze, thrust, shove.
satisfy (verb)
engorge, saturate, sate, appease, glut, quench, gratify, fill, satisfy, allay, gorge, slake, satiate.

Other synonyms:

ravings, inessentials, appurtenance, powder, drivel, Gravamen, concentrate, Double Dutch, entity, whatsername, spiel, jam-pack, dead wood, mumbo jumbo, lares and penates, organism, nothing, valuables, personal property, personal effects, belonging, gobbledegook, garbage, doohickey, Minutiae, non-issue, thingy, fixed asset, doodad. asset, item, wax, chattel, irrelevance, pith, so-and-so, marrow, adjunct, quintessence, rubbish, detail, gist, piece, trivia. movable, nonsense, nub, property, widget, core, meat. possession, root, timber, whole, pack in, essence, medium. solid, X, effect. crowd, heart, kernel, agent. soul. spirit. pack. cram
cram, pack in.
Other relevant words:
datum, data, be, choke up, garbage, concentrate, valuables, whatsername, core, asset, irrelevance, whole, entomb, nothing, crime, personal property, marrow, essence, findings, good, principle, concern, quintessence, key, pig out, personal effects, chill, non-issue, binge, butcher, bag, cram, sundries, blow, owned, basis, piece, chattel, gormandize, so-and-so, beat, tissue, organism, load, overindulge, doohickey, mob, ingurgitate, jam-pack, gobbledegook, medium, movable, pack in, gist, ravings, nonsense, deterrent, information, widget, doodad, item, thrust, stuff and nonsense, overgorge, Gravamen, bake, crate, choke, detail, spiel, carve, poppycock, Minutiae, shove, sundry, rubbish, tighten, effect, hooey, deterrence, whatsis, cloud, powder, entity, disincentive, news, scarf out, word, block, squeeze, priority, box, crowd, belonging, full, meat, butter, lug, root, agent, embed, englut, gormandise, solid, spirit, gourmandize, web, possession, adjunct, wax, overeat, center, bury, heart, lares and penates, report, feature, goad, bottle, timber, bone, X, appurtenance, whatchamacallit, drivel, evil, pack, clobber, butchery, nub, blanch, blend, mumbo jumbo, soul, property, thingy, fact, inessentials, bed, kernel, pith, trivia.

Usage examples for stuff

  1. " Do you English like that stuff – The Beckoning Hand and Other Stories The Beckoning Hand--Lucretia--The Third Time--The Gold Wulfric--My Uncle's Will--The Two Carnegies--Olga Davidoff's Husband--John Cann's Treasure--Isaline and I--Professor Milliter's Dilemma--In Strict Confidence--The by Grant Allen
  2. " I've never known him to take any of that kind of stuff he said. – The Clue of the Twisted Candle by Edgar Wallace
  3. Seems to me you could send a few hundred dollars of stuff over, well as not. – Shelled by an Unseen Foe by James Fiske