Synonyms for Deprive:


repossess, go off with, requisition, encroach. deprive (noun)
divest, impoverish, strip.
strip (noun)
deny, withhold, seize, bereave.


keep or take away something wanted, needed (verb)
divest, dispossess, rob, seize, strip, bereave.
possession (verb)
strip, divest.

Other synonyms:

go off with, repossess. seize, encroach. dispossess, requisition, rob. Other relevant words:
divest, rob, deny, repossess, impoverish, requisition, dispossess, encroach, bereave, strip, withhold, seize.

Usage examples for deprive

  1. It is your right, and I have no right to deprive you of it. – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  2. If my neighbor asks me to lend it to him and I do so, I deprive myself of the extra product I have been getting by means of it, and it is right for him to pay me interest on the cost of the boat. – Social Justice Without Socialism by John Bates Clark