Synonyms for Burke:


Burke (noun)
Calamity Jane, Martha Jane Burk, Edmund Burke, Martha Jane Burke, burk.
hold back, sit on, hush, repress, quench, throttle, restraint, choke, strangle, hold-down, smother, muffle, gag, stifle, suppress, squelch. circumvent, get around, elude, eschew, shun, escape, duck, seek, evade, avoid, bypass, dodge. person (noun)
Edmund Burke.


hush (verb)
suppress, gag, stifle, muffle, choke.
hush up (verb)
smother, sit on.
skirt (verb)
bypass, escape, duck, evade, elude, dodge.
stifle (verb)
repress, hush, strangle, squelch.
suppress (verb)
hold back, quench.

Other synonyms:

elude, hush, evade, dodge, stifle, repress, shun, avoid, eschew, throttle. bypass, squelch, muffle, strangle, smother, duck. circumvent, quench. choke, escape. avoid
hush up
sit on.
Other relevant words:
duck, gag, seek, circumvent, hold back, squelch, escape, elude, strangle, shun, stifle, smother, repress, choke, eschew, quench, suppress, hush, avoid, dodge, bypass, get around, restraint, sit on, evade, muffle, throttle.

Usage examples for burke

  1. " But what has he done," says Mr. Burke no doubt riled to the depths of his noble heart, as I was. – Phemie Frost's Experiences by Ann S. Stephens
  2. From time to time Chatham took part in the attack, joining Burke and Fox in an opposition never surpassed for oratorical power. – The Wars Between England and America by T. C. Smith
  3. She knew quite as well as did Lord Fawn that Burke had been a House of Commons orator; but in her impatience, and from absence of the habit of argument, she omitted to explain that she was talking about the speeches of the day. – The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope