Synonyms for Empty:


absent (adjective)
abstract, departed, no-show, truant, absent, nonexistent, elsewhere, out, away, lacking, wanting, Omitted, missing, void, vacant, gone.
all (adjective)
hollow, vacuous.
bare (adjective)
barren (adjective)
blank (adjective)
clean, lifeless, white.
empty (adjective)
hollow, barren, futile, depleted, wanting, vacuous, exhausted, uninhabited, vacant, deserted, destitute, idle, bare, vain, dry, abandoned, worthless, insincere, unsubstantial, blank, lacking, devoid, otiose, meaningless, unreal, unfilled, purposeless, stark.
meaningless (adjective)
meaningless, hollow.
nonexistent (adjective)
devoid, unexisting, barren, vacuous, meaningless, vacant, nonexistent, null, void, non-subsistent.
reduced (adjective)
unfilled (adjective)
unsubstantial (adjective)
ethereal, null, intangible, vacant, illusory, vacuous, insignificance, unconcrete, impalpable, phantasmal, nonexistence, unreal, weightless, unsubstantial, inessential, chimerical, spectral, apparitional, tenuous, immaterial.
useless (adjective)


false, inefficient, defective, vain, faulty, purposeless, insincere, pathetic, worthless, futile. emotionless, unemotional, passive, fruitless, undemonstrative, restrained, unresponsive, neutral, controlled. burst, come in, break, deepen, catch, dash, course, crest, cast up, channel. otiose, cross your heart (and hope to die), my word is my bond, on my honor, idle, broken, solemn, as good as your word. deflate, tip, tip-up, unpack, turn out, empty-headed. innocent. empty (noun)
devoid of, hollow, bare, vacant, empty of, void, empty-handed, emptied, glassy, barren of, vacuous, stripped, glazed, pillaged, bereft of, clean, hungry, innocent of, blank, looted, meaningless, ransacked, discharge, white, open, plundered, empty-bellied, unfilled, drained, lifeless, evacuate, abandon, vacate, destitute of, void of, deprived of.


change (verb)
dry (verb)
catheterize, mop, drain, stanch, dehumidify, wring out, vaporize, wipe, dehydrate, dry, parch, wither, desiccate, pump out, swab, blot, evaporate, suck dry.
enervate (verb)
exhaust, enervate, dissipate, fatigue, sap, tap, debilitate.
leave (verb)
evacuate, leave, vacate, omit, depart.
remove contents (verb)
evacuate, tap, vacate, void, drain, discharge, exhaust, leave.
unsubstantiate (verb)
disintegrate, disappear, nullify, annihilate.

Other synonyms:

abandoned, idle, solemn, uncrowded, unpack, empty-headed. broken. turn out. innocent. tip. collapse
pour forth

Usage examples for empty

  1. London itself was now empty – What Will He Do With It, Book 7. by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  2. Then in one hour I will walk through the garden, and shall find it empty – Princess Maritza by Percy Brebner
  3. My soul is empty nothing beyond- very dark- I am afraid. – The Blue Flower, and Others by Henry van Dyke