Synonyms for Strangle:


squeeze out, cut into, kill off, shut off, interfere with, stamp out. bump off, take someone's life, breath. hold back, restraint, sit on, hush, burke, squelch, quench, hold-down. strangle (noun)
gag, hamper, suffocate, choke, muffle, cramp, stifle, repress, strangulate, throttle, smother, halter.


choke, stifle (verb)
muffle, throttle, repress, suffocate, squelch, strangulate, asphyxiate, smother, gag.
contact (verb)
throttle, strangulate.
kill (verb)
chill, eliminate, assassinate, purge, execute, suffocate, butcher, put to sleep, do in, slay, exterminate, liquidate, smite, drown, sacrifice, asphyxiate, slaughter, dispatch, remove, hang, ice, smother, massacre, do away with, snuff.

Other synonyms:

burke, bump off. hush. squelch, kill off. quench. kill
sit on.
Other relevant words:
sit on, hush, halter, hold back, strangulate, gag, choke, stamp out, muffle, squelch, throttle, repress, stifle, hamper, shut off, burke, quench, cramp.

Usage examples for strangle

  1. It must seriously cripple his finance or seriously threaten to strangle his national life and activities. – Some Principles of Maritime Strategy by Julian Stafford Corbett