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loose (adjective)

baggy, loose, flowing.

occupied (verb)

taken, reserved.

deep (adjective)

resonant, loud, throaty, rounded.

Other synonyms:

mount, packed, chock-full, exhausted, grumbling, alive with, high, amply, whole, untouched, overflowing with, wide of the mark, just, flavorful, strong, roly-poly, charged, untasted, empty, thoroughly, overweight, tubby, good, entire, undivided, A-line, nourished, wax, proficient, expert, unspoilt, skillful, pure, loaded, blanket, swarming, to the full, exuberant, plenteous, serious, adept, generous, hum, precise, rumbling, extreme, stentorian, jampacked, tighten, well-lined, faithful, particular, salutary, clingy, laden, all-encompassing, extravagant, wide-eyed, copious, all-in, weighed down, booming, lidded, dear, embracive, bountiful, broad-gauge, delicious, congested, right, omnibus, glutted, chemistry, inclusive, effective, flooded, practiced, imbued, detailed, panoptic, association, hectic, portly, buzz, near, rich, competent, choke-full, awful, bulging, crammed, affluent, pudgy, bursting, careful, undecomposed, concentrated, profuse, relations, chubby, part, completely, voracious, saturated, bullnecked, rife with, someone's eyes are bigger than their stomach, brimful, palatable, juicy, tasty, perfect, ladened, compleat, potent, light, brimfull, encompassing, heady, full-of-the-moon, climb, unspoiled, dense, edible, relationship, surfeited, skilful, corpulent, strict, across-the-board, airtight, crowded, afloat, ample, brimming, extensive, blubbery, teeming, link, topmost, fully, fraught, honorable, panoramic, bursting, inadequate, connection, overladen, full moon, resounding, gluttonous, unadulterated, brimfull of, grand, sonorous, instinct, respectable, exact, plush, fat, teeming with, cram full, round, desperate, top, graduated, profound, maximum, bustling, acute, piggy, sound, button-down, partnership, fleshy, outright, button-through, complete, broad, abounding with, brimful of, crawling with, engorged, in effect, tangy, large, rapport, tamper-proof, grave, swarming with, utter, minute, overfull, brawny, pressurized, plentiful, circumstantial, lardy, cover-all, rise, blow-by-blow, liberal, severe, lively, capacious, busy season, absolute, depressed, chockful, upright, total, backless, riddled, particularized, ripe, peak, casual, jammed, abounding in, leaky, pear-shaped, reconciliation, chockablock, in force, plump, in full, stuffed, safe, thick with, abounding, frenzy, rigorous, dependable, podgy, brief, spacious, plangent, dire, busy, beneficial, compendious, enough, well, honest, plethoric, packed, overloaded, elaborate, specific, cyclopedic, satiate, overflowing, overrun with, unattended, sounding, cramped, obese, beefy, chuck-full, close, boot-cut, sated, abundant, tie, coltish, jam-packed, utmost, awash, scanty, madhouse, adequate, secure, rich in, lavish, compact, unquenchable, bounteous, big, heavy, inundated, greedy, in-depth, sufficient, succulent, built, filled, pregnant, wide-cut, wide, estimable, robust, replete, burly, Grand Central Station, lusty, appetizing, full phase of the moon, mature, grown, voluminous, best, greatest, barrel-chested, muscular, rotund, orotund, luxuriant.

Examples of usage:

Full Bar is specially formulated with satiety puffed wheat to give you a full feeling.

She did not speak to him any more- she had no words ready- her heart was so full. - "A Little Hero", Mrs. H. Musgrave.

Alcala was full once more. - "The Man Upstairs and Other Stories", P. G. Wodehouse.

Similar words:

cram full, chock-full, choke-full, chuck-full, full admiral, full complement, full cousin, full gainer, to the full.

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