Synonyms for Apex:


summit (adjective)
tip, crowning, summit, loftiest, maximum, topmost, acme, Capping, zenith, uppermost, pinnacle, extreme, highest, study atsummit, top, peak, Headmost, Culminating.


flowering, golden age, glory days, high, roof, comeback, someone's day in the sun, breakthrough. payoff, fastigium, apogee. cusp, mucronation, acicula, Acumination, Mucro, sharp. apex (noun)
apex of the sun's way, peak, vertex, solar apex, acme.
edge (noun)
heaven (noun)
eden, summit, spire, pinnacle, eternity, heaven, immortality, happiness, hereafter, shangri-la, ether, mountaintop, rhapsody, ecstasy, zion, goshen, joyfulness, glory, bliss, zenith, paradise, azure, land o'goshen, dreamland, nirvana, canaan, climax, fairyland, afterworld, culmination, wonderland, everlastingness, acme, stratosphere.
limit (noun)
confines, bounds, limit, deadline, maximum, border, rim, terminus, boundary, fringe, extremity, cutoff, restriction, edge, brink, end, limitation.
location (noun)
peak, vertex, acme.
summit (noun)
crest, uppermost point, crown, topmost point, highest point, cap, brow.
top (noun)
vertex, zenith.
top, high point (noun)
crown, climax, maximum, peak, pinnacle, culmination, crest, roof, summit, tip, vertex, zenith, spire, cusp, acme, apogee.
tower (noun)

Other synonyms:

bevel, payoff, cusp, Mucro, Acumination, mucronation, apogee, acicula, fastigium. brim, roof. bump, corner. back.

Usage examples for apex

  1. I had mounted to the highest part of the cone, and was standing upon its apex – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  2. The contrast between the broad base and the apex gives a feeling of solidity, of repose; and it seems not unreasonable to suppose that the tendency to rest the eyes above the centre of the picture directly induces the associated mood of reverence or worship. – The Psychology of Beauty by Ethel D. Puffer
  3. I do know it, but it is just that apex that I am determined to have under my feet for ten minutes. – The Moon Metal by Garrett P. Serviss