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undiluted - 85 results
Examples of usage:

As often happens in the ferment of popular movements, the one leader who spoke undiluted truth and sense spoke it in florid and unmeasured language and was himself of a figure and behaviour little likely to inspire permanent confidence. - "The Framework of Home Rule", Erskine Childers.

Inglesby will see that they get an undiluted dose of it. - "Slippy McGee, Sometimes Known as the Butterfly Man", Marie Conway Oemler.

On the day before it is to be finished in gold it is washed with alum solution and, for gold tooling, sized with undiluted white of egg and tooled lukewarm. - "Practical Bookbinding", Paul Adam.

Similar words:

undigested, undoubted, undivided, undivided interest, undivided right, undisputedly, undistorted, undisturbed, undetected, Sceloporus Undulatus.

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