Synonyms for Miserly:


ascetic (adjective)
ascetic, spartan, dry, stark, severe, penitential, trappist, abstemious, hermit-like, parsimonious, repentant, lenten, teetotaling, celibate, monastic, abstinent, franciscan, austere, stoic.
avaricious (adjective)
Cadging, venal, hoarding, mercenary, greedy, usurious, acquisitive, selfish, rapacious, possessive, money-grubbing, avaricious, monopolistic, sordid, grasping.
cheap (adjective)
mingy, tightfisted.
close (adjective)
economical (adjective)
few (adjective)
scarce, negligible, niggardly, scanty, sparse, minimal, spotty, few, minimum, little, insufficient.
greedy, stingy (adjective)
ungenerous, penny-pinching, tightfisted, parsimonious, mean, sordid, grasping, close-fisted, avaricious, beggarly.
insufficient (adjective)
insufficient, scanty, sparse, niggardly, stingy, meager, Flyspeck, inadequate, deficient, poor, scarce, skimpy.
mean (adjective)
small (adjective)
pocket, modest, miniature, weeny, nugatory, spare, minor, little, microscopic, slight, puny, petite, dwarfish, piddling, teensy, negligible, scanty, compact, paltry, scant, meager, teeny-weeny, teeny, diminutive, wee, minimal, bantam, tiny, picayune, sparing, niggardly, toy, baby, smallish, trifling, beggarly, delicate, scrawny, small, itty-bitty, ungenerous, stingy, minute, slim, short, deficient.
stingy (adjective)
Pinching, narrow-fisted, penny-pinching, cheeseparing, mean, spartan, Hard-fisted, stingy, austere, closefisted, tight, study at stingy, meager, cheap, parsimonious, petty, thrifty, frugal, close-fisted, ascetic, abstemious, costive.
tight (adjective)


ascetically (adverb)
Monastically, abstemiously, austerely, Abstinently, ascetically, parsimoniously, starkly, stoically, severely.
compactly (adverb)
deficiently, triflingly, modestly, punily, minutely, Paltrily, compactly, slimly, slightly, shortly, negligibly, delicately, scantily, sparingly, minimally.
insufficiently (adverb)
sparsely, poorly, scarcely, skimpily, inadequately, insufficiently.
stingily (adverb)
thriftily, pettily, tightly, frugally, stingily, meanly, meagerly.


ascetically (adverb)
Monastically, abstemiously, austerely, Abstinently, ascetically, parsimoniously, starkly, stoically, severely.
compactly (adverb)
meagerly, stingily, modestly, Paltrily, sparingly, slightly, deficiently, compactly, negligibly, shortly, slimly, punily, triflingly, minutely, scantily, delicately, niggardly, minimally, parsimoniously.
insufficiently (adverb)
stingily, scarcely, skimpily, sparsely, deficiently, scantily, meagerly, inadequately, insufficiently, poorly, niggardly.
selfishly (adverb)
stingily, parsimoniously.
stingily (adverb)
tightly, pettily, stingily, thriftily, parsimoniously, meanly, austerely, abstemiously, ascetically, meagerly, frugally.


only, barely, mere. cheap, Pinching, give, Economies, close-fisted, tightfisted, niggard, careful, thrift, costive, economic, economical. miserly (noun)
stingy, mean, ungenerous, tight, mingy.

Other synonyms:

Pinching, economical, costive, close-fisted. tightfisted. Other relevant words:
Pinching, niggard, tightfisted, mingy, economical, thrift, costive, close-fisted, careful, cheap.

Usage examples for miserly

  1. Martial, inveighing against a miserly woman who will not furnish her husband with a new cloak as a New Year's gift, says: Why, Proculeia, do you cast off your husband in the month of January? – Roman Women Woman: In All Ages and in All Countries, Volume 2 (of 10) by Alfred Brittain
  2. He had expected to find the miserly old fellow in the depths of despair over the loss of his house, but Dobbins was grinning and chuckling at a great rate. – The Boys of Bellwood School by Frank V. Webster