Synonyms for Lean:


all (adjective)
angular (adjective)
concise (adjective)
meaty, curt.
few (adjective)
lean (adjective)
lanky, gangly, lank, spare, gangling, wasted, meager, wiry, emaciated, gaunt, sinewy, rawboned, scraggy, wizened, haggard, scrawny, skinny, twiggy, bony, slim, anorexic, stringy, slender.
narrow (adjective)
lanky, tenuous, scrawny, narrow, skeletal, tight, skinny, slender, fine, thin, slim, willowy.
severe (adjective)
astringent, ascetic, strict, censorious, precise, uncompromising, acerbic, inflexible, abrupt, stringent, hidebound, meticulous, grim, puritanical, crisp, critical, obstinate, raw, strait-laced, obdurate, unbending, icy, acrimonious, intense, short, fundamental, chilly, gruff, rigorous, exacting, relentless, frosty, cutting, austere, prudish, spartan, severe, dour, curt, dry, harsh, demanding, blunt, correct, piquant, intolerant, sharp, cool, disciplined, brisk, keen, tart, bleak, caustic, basic, oppressive, stark, imperial, stiff-necked, stern, authoritarian, brusque, rigid, acute, draconian, spare.
wasted (adjective)


in absentia, misplaced, absent, gone, missing, away, lacking, unavailable, lost, unattainable. brick-and-mortar, business, bloated, accredited, rake, big, anticompetitive, business-to-business, straight, collective, all-night. turn, reverse, overturn, adjust, spin, likely, trend, turn something inside out, squint, roll, tip-up. get, set, belong, exist, sit, concentrate, lie, there is/are etc., occupy, stand. bow, crane, balance, bestride, crook, bend, burrow, double over, cower, crouch. jellied, boneless, Skinless, flyblown, jerk, tough. petite, dainty. attribute (noun)
inclination, leaning, tilt, list.
curve (noun)
lean (noun)
bony, inclination, spare, slim, reedy, haggard, slender, twiggy, tip, skimpy, rawboned, gangling, wizened, cadaverous, unprofitable, lank, deficient, sunken-eyed, tend, pinched, wiry, emaciated, underweight, insufficient, run, tilt, thin, anorexic, wisplike, spindly, scraggy, shrivelled, deep-eyed, weedy, slender-waisted, lanky, trim, stringy, gaunt, twiglike, wasted, hollow-eyed, angle, reedlike, wispy, skeletal, spindle-legged, wizen, shriveled, scrawny, slight, skinny, spindle-shanked, incline, scarecrowish, leaning, wasp-waisted, list, shrunken, be given, anorectic, gangly, withered, slim-waisted.
thin (noun)


bend (verb)
careen (verb)
lean (verb)
list, tip, tilt, roll, believe in, bow, tend, turn, incline.
motion (verb)
angle, tip, tilt.
tend (verb)
tend, incline.

Other synonyms:

dainty, flyblown, jerk, gradient. squint. trend. tough, grade. thin

Usage examples for lean

  1. They are as when, my young bride, thou didst lean first upon my bosom, and dream that sorrow was no more! – The Disowned, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  2. Lean your head against my shoulder and see if you can't get a little sleep." – Stranded in Arcady by Francis Lynde
  3. From the lean to came the sound of Lancaster's voice. – The Plow-Woman by Eleanor Gates